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Nut Allergy FAQs

I have a nut allergy, how can I check the ingredients of Tropic products? 

Although nut oils and butters are not classed as an allergen in regards to skincare, we are aware of the concerns about these ingredients and reactions on the skin and would always recommend a patch test if you’re unsure about your skin’s reaction.

Whilst we make every attempt to ensure that the labelling of our products lists all of the ingredients used, our products are manufactured in an environment containing nuts, nut oils and nut derived ingredients. All our products containing nut derivatives can be found by searching “nuts”, “nut derived”, or “nut derivative” on our website. 

We list all our ingredients in plain English on the product packaging and on our website, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. While usually the processing of the raw nut to an oil or butter removes the proteins associated with an ingested allergy, we recommend those with a severe nut allergy to avoid those products with nut derivatives listed in the ingredients list, especially those with Macadamia, Tamanu or Shea. These oils and butters are what we refer to as “cold press” oils.  

What are cold pressed nut oils? 

Cold pressed oils such as macadamia, tamanu or shea oil are extracted through pressure rather than any form of heating process. This means they are incredibly beneficial for the skin but could be a cause for concern for those with severe allergies. 

We do not use unprocessed seeds/nuts in our products. 

How should I perform a patch test? 

We recommend doing a patch test that not only checks for existing allergies but also one that examines repeated use of a product. This makes sure you don’t suffer from a condition called Repeated Exposure Induced Sensitivity. Customers with no known allergies should be aware that naturally derived products contain ingredients which may be new to the skin and as of a result, there is a small chance of reaction to the skin.

Apply a small amount of the product to the inner forearm or behind the ear. Leave on for approximately 12 hours. If no swelling or visible redness appears after 12 hours, apply a similar amount to the same area of skin and leave for a further 12 hours. If after this time no reaction is observed then apply a third and final dose of product to the same skin area. If no reaction occurs in the next 24 hours, then the tested product is most likely to be safe for you to use.

I’m allergic to other ingredients, should I perform a patch test?  

While all our products are designed for the most sensitive skin and are free from parabens, alcohol, petrochemicals and other harsh preservatives, we use ingredients such as coconut, soya, avocados and other known allergens. We always recommend a skin patch test, especially if you have very sensitive skin and are unsure. 

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