We cannot fulfil our Infinite Purpose without highlighting our Diversity and Inclusion report. In the interest of transparency, we’re publishing all that we’re doing to ensure that no matter who you are, you can succeed at Tropic. 

Gender pay gap 

Overall, 68% of our Tropic staff identify as women, while 32% identify as men. This means we employ roughly two women for every man. 

We then looked at how women’s and men’s salaries compared throughout the business and examined the hourly pay of both full-time and part-time employees. 

Our data shows that for every £1 earned by a man at Tropic, a woman also earns £1, which equates to a gender pay gap of 0%. 

In the rest of the UK, provisional data shows that, among full-time employees, the gender pay gap in April 2022 was 8.3% (Office of National Statistics) and nearly 15% overall (Ciphr). 

Our latest data is an improvement for overall equality, with a 2% difference in comparison to our 2021 results, where women earned £1.02 for every £1 a man earned.

The percentage of women in each pay quarter

We’re proud to be an expectation of the national average and truly pay everybody fairly based on their expertise, qualifications, performance, and their skills – not their gender. 

Females accounted for 67% of the highest-paid jobs at Tropic, a 1% increase in comparison to last year, as well as 74% of the lowest-paid roles, an increase of 11% in comparison to last year. This is explained by more women applying for jobs in roles that occupy the lower hourly pay quarter and fulfilling these roles. We will continue to monitor this data to ensure there is an equal distribution of pay for both males and females. 

As a business within the beauty industry, we’re aware that we may attract more female employees. We also recognise that certain departments within the business are more heavily skewed towards certain genders. For instance, more male employees are working in our warehouse teams, while females dominate our Ambassador network. 

Research shows that labelling a job as ‘female’ can automatically diminish its authority, even among the minority of men in the field. So, we’re doing our best to ensure every department is open and inclusive. 

We’re incredibly proud to be an empowering place to work. In fact, we’re ranked 7th Best Female-Powered Company in the UK by JP Morgan. The number of women making up senior management positions at Tropic is 60%, which is nearly double the UK average.  

We also monitor our demographics breakdown. Here’s a snapshot of who makes up our Tropic Team at HQ in 2022. 

Workforce split by ethnicity

Since 2021, our team has slightly shrunk overall, with around a 10% reduction of those who identify as White European. As a result, categories such as Black, Asian, and White British have taken up a larger share. The number of those who identify as Asian has increased by almost double. Our HQ sits on the border between London and Surrey, with many members of the Tropic Team living in these areas. While categories such as Black, Asian and Mixed are overrepresented as a whole in the UK and Surrey, they are underrepresented when compared to London. 

Employment opportunities and progression are available to all, no matter your department, race, or ethnicity. The percentage of people of colour (Black, Asian, and Mixed Race) making up senior positions at Tropic is at an all-time high of 25% and four times higher than the UK average (CIPD). 

Mental Health 

Our Infinite Purpose is to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. And healthier extends to mental health. 

This year we’ve implemented mental health support for office employees via Spill, providing therapy sessions, manager mental health training, and regular feelings check-ins, which are all completely confidential between therapist and employee. 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an international mental health awareness and skills programme developed in Australia in 2000. It is now internationally recognised in over 25 countries. Mental Health First Aiders learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of a range of mental health issues, developing the skills needed to look after our well-being. 

At Tropic, every department has MHFA-trained team members, so they can support their colleagues, promote positive mental health and raise awareness of the tools available to maintain personal well-being. 

Inclusive cultural celebrations 

We currently employ more than 350 people from over 34 countries and six continents. In 2022, Tropic observed multiple days important to the team, including National Holocaust Memorial Day, St Patricks Day, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Easter, Pride, Black History Month, Sukkot, Halloween, and Christmas. 

Tropic staff celebrating specific cultural holidays or observing culturally significant days are given priority if they would like to take time off work. 

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