Made with the finest plant butters and botanical extracts, nourish your complexion with our organic moisturisers.

Skincare FAQs

Which natural moisturiser will suit my skin type?

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Within our trio of organic moisturisers, there’s something to suit everyone. Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser and Skin Dream Firming Night Cream are great options for ageing and dry skin, with antioxidants and essential lipids that really soak into skin. Those with blemish-prone skin are well-suited to Fresh Waves Balancing Moisturiser. It’s packed with prebiotics to keep sebum levels in check; blue spirulina to reduce inflammation; and hefty amounts of antioxidants from blueberry seed extract to prevent breakouts.

What powerful ingredients are in your organic moisturisers?

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Berries, fruit extracts and plant butters are just some of the stars in our organic show! Skin Feast contains berry seed oils for a boost of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, while Fresh Waves features blueberry seed extract, packed with vitamin A to neutralise free radicals. Deriving from the most vitamin C-rich fruit on the planet, Kakadu plum extract in Skin Feast brightens skin and boosts elasticity, while fatty acids from murumuru butter in Skin Dream leave skin feeling plump and replenished.

What are the benefits of natural moisturisers?

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Some moisturisers contain hidden chemicals and artificial preservatives that can irritate your skin, cause dehydration, and trigger breakouts. So, it’s important to know what you’re putting on your face. By using a natural moisturiser, you can be sure that you’re only exposing your skin to wholesome, plant-based goodness.


Cocoon your skin in comfort with our range of vegan, organic, and natural moisturisers. With a formula for every skin type, the active, natural ingredients will hydrate and nourish your complexion for all-day radiance.

Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser squeezes 20 plant, flower and seed extracts into its ultra-conditioning formula, while Skin Dream Firming Night Cream packs in organic plant butters for an indulgent beauty sleep. And for those with more blemish-prone skin, sweep the lightweight cream-gel texture of Fresh Waves Balancing Moisturiser across your skin every day.

We’ve even created a natural face moisturiser specifically for men. Look Good is ideal for those on a time crunch seeking a lightweight moisturiser with a matte finish.

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