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Supercharge your glow and reveal visible results with our natural serums and organic face oils.

Skincare FAQs

What is a serum?

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Our natural serums are water-based formulations, designed to sink effortlessly into your skin and deliver powerful actives to target skin concerns from within. Whether you’re experiencing dark spots, clogged pores, oiliness or dehydrated skin, our biochemists have formulated a colourful formula for you!

What are the benefits of natural serums?

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Unlike synthetic ingredients, natural ingredients, like vitamin C and antioxidants, are more easily absorbed into the skin. The result? Natural face serums penetrate deeper into the skin and provide more glow per gram.

Are your serums organic?

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Yes, we have five organic serums which are freshly made with antioxidant-rich, organically farmed ingredients. We also have two non-organic serums (Glow Berry and Pure Lagoon), which are powered by encapsulated vitamin C and copper PCA – two nature-identical skincare heroes that can’t be organically grown.

Can I use a facial oil if I have oily skin?

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Yes, all skin types can benefit from a natural face oil. Blemish-prone, oily or combination skin types will prefer an organic face oil that feels lightweight and fast-absorbing, like Super Greens. This nutrient-rich formula contains tamanu, olive squalane and marula oils to deeply nourish and soothe redness or inflammation, without clogging your pores.

What are the benefits of an organic face oil?

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In order to stay smooth, glowing and hydrated, our skin’s protective layer needs to be nourished with essential fatty acids. Our natural face oils contain rich organic oils, brimming with high-quality fats, pure antioxidants and vitamins – so your skin can lock in moisture, and stay strong, supple and bright.

Serums & Oils

Clinically tested and shown to boast a whole host of skin-loving benefits, our upgraded, almost entirely organic range of natural serums deliver powerful actives to target specific skin concerns from within. 

From blemish prevention, pore clearance, and hydration, to resurfacing, brightening and tanning, there’s a freshly-made formulation for everyone – no matter your skin type or concern.

Follow with our organic face oils for maximum nourishment. Overflowing with the finest botanical oils, antioxidants, and vitamins, they keep your skin radiant and healthy. 

As our natural face oils have a heavier consistency than serums and moisturisers, we recommend applying your oils last to lock in the goodness. 

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