For effortless bronzing and radiant results, reach for our natural tanning range.

Skincare FAQs

What is the best fake tan for pale skin?

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Our gradual, natural self-tanners – like Summer Skin and Sun Drops – cleverly mimic the pigment of your skin’s own melanin, so your skin will appear just a few shades warmer, brighter, and effortlessly natural. No orange surprises here! You can control your shade by adding more Sun Drops to your moisturiser, or by reapplying to build a customised tan.

What is the best natural tanning lotion for dry skin?

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As our first organic self-tan, Sun Drops is brimming with organic coconut water to replenish your skin’s hydration levels. When mixed with a nourishing moisturiser like Skin Feast, the plant oils help to lock in moisture and smooth the skin surface. These natural tanning products are a match made in heaven for dry skin types.
For the body, our Instant Glow and Summer Skin formulas are blended with golden jojoba oil to nourish and repair dry skin. Of course, we always recommend exfoliating a day before using self-tan to remove dry, flaky skin and create the smoothest possible canvas for application.

Tanning Lotions

Seeking a sun-kissed glow all year round? Our natural tanning products for both face and body are vegan, cruelty-free, and exactly what you need. With our natural self tanner, you can build up a gradual tan that not only looks natural, but is made with plant-powered ingredients, too!

For an organic self-tan, our award-winning Sun Drops gradual tanning facial serum will give you a subtle sun kissed look, while those looking for a natural tanning lotion will love the holiday glow from our bestselling Sun Drench overnight tanning mousse.

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