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At Tropic, everything we do is driven by our Infinite Purpose. From a market stall in Greenwich to one of the UK’s fastest-growing beauty businesses (Sunday Times Fast Track 100), we’ve never lost sight of our mission to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. 

Now, you too can be a force for good beyond beauty when you become a Tropic Ambassador. By turning your passion into a purpose, you’ll bring skin confidence to your friends and family, protect our natural world, and build a fulfilling business that works around your lifestyle.   

Be part of something bigger than just beauty. Do it for others. Do it for the planet. Do it for the future. But, most importantly, do it for you

Why Join?

Whatever your reasons for becoming an Ambassador, one thing’s for sure: our inclusive and sustainable business model ensures your happiness and empowerment is our top priority.

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    Join a family of over 20,000 likeminded beauty-lovers who turned their passion for sharing planet-protective, science-backed skincare with friends and family into their own local businesses. 

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    Guaranteed 25% or more commission on every sale. As an Ambassador, you’ll also enjoy a discount on the entire range and the chance to receive free products too. 

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    No hidden costs or targets

    Following your initial Starter Kit investment, there are no ongoing monthly fees or hidden costs, and zero targets, meaning you have full control over your business.  

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    Full support from day one

    We offer full training, marketing and support for free from day one. Because of this, 85% of Ambassadors said they are happy or extremely happy in their business.* 

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    Rewards & recognition

    Enjoy rewards, including luxury trips, throughout the year. Our Ambassadors do a sterling job of helping create a healthier, greener, more empowered world, and we let them know just how much we appreciate it. That’s one of the reasons why 82% would recommend becoming an Ambassador to family, friends and colleagues.

Start Your Adventure Today

With the Tropic Starter Kit

Peel back rainforest leaves to reveal The Beauty Box, a gorgeous carry case crafted from premium, cruelty-free material and packed with all our bestselling beauty products – exclusive to new Ambassadors – expect a complete sensorial unboxing and the business essentials every new venture needs.   

Over £600 worth of products – plus The Beauty Box – for just £198.  

Your Starter Kit is covered by our 90-Day Happiness Guarantee. This means that if you decide being an Ambassador isn’t quite right for you, we’ll offer you a full refund within 90 days* of your investment.  

*Full T&Cs apply.  

Become an Ambassador

1. Fill out the quick and easy form below.

2. We'll put you in contact with a local ambassador in your area - they'll be by your side to support you every step of the way.

3. Boost your business from the begining by investing in our starter kit.

4. Set off on your Tropic adventure. Share your business with family, friends, and your community to start earning commission.


Have a question? You'll find the answers to lots of FAQs below. 

Who are Tropic Ambassadors? 

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Anyone can become a Tropic Ambassador, all they need to have is a passion for our products!

Tropic’s Ambassadors mostly sell products alongside their main employment, with 70% spending less than 10 hours a week on their Tropic business – you can really do as much, or as little as you like, and take your business anywhere. Most effective for our customers, with independent, clinically tested results to boot. This efficacy in turn inspires people to become Ambassadors because they love the products. And in 2020 alone, we sold to over 800,000 unique customers, proving that we have people waiting to receive and enjoy our products! 

How do Tropic Ambassadors sell products?  

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Ambassadors primarily sell to their friends and family, growing their network organically through ‘Hosts’. These Hosts invite their own guests to a get-together with the Ambassador, and from these introductions, Ambassadors secure new customers and new Hosts who in turn have their own get-togethers with new guests and customers. These connections sustainably grow into a loyal customer base that expands organically with each new event.   

Ambassadors also can sell virtually through their own online shop with a unique URL. When a customer logs in to the website, adds an Ambassador to their account and purchases through their Ambassador’s shop URL, that Ambassador receives their minimum 25% commission.  

To ensure Ambassadors are not out of pocket and that no products are wasted, Ambassadors aren’t allowed to hold stock and we offer free direct delivery to their customers for orders over £40. On the rare occasion an Ambassador has bought excess stock in error, Tropic offers a full refund for return of that stock.   

What do I get as a Tropic Ambassador?  

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Ambassadors receive between 25-35% commission on all sales, as well as the opportunity to achieve special rewards and recognition for their passion and exclusive invites to incredible events. Extra commission is earned based on sales and productivity of the Ambassador only and not from recruitment or any other means.  

From discounts across the product ranges and the chance to connect closer to our brand than ever, plus the opportunity to join an amazing community of likeminded beauty lovers and make friendships to cherish for life, the opportunity promises so much more than just a beauty business!  

Only around 10% of Ambassadors decide to build a team, and the ones who do are called our Leaders. Leaders help to further train Ambassadors and are rewarded with title promotion bonuses and earn commission when they and their team sell products. We offer our Leaders ongoing support with fortnightly live sessions and new leader training so that they feel connected to HQ and can best support the Ambassadors in their team. 

What is the Tropic business model? 

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Tropic is a social selling business, meaning Ambassadors receive commission for selling Tropic products to their network. It’s a sustainable business model as Ambassadors organically grow their network by meeting new people.  

The Tropic business model is not a pyramid scheme. These are illegal and unsustainable business models that offer non-existent or worthless products. When Ambassadors join Tropic and sell highly effective, multi-award-winning and clinically tested products, they grow their business naturally and enjoy a sustainable social selling business model that really works for them. 

Is there a signup fee?  

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To ensure Ambassadors have everything they need to hit the ground running, there’s an initial one off cost of £198 to buy a Tropic Starter Kit. This product kit is packed with bestselling products from Tropic’s core skincare range, as well as business essentials to set them up for success.

Are there any targets or ongoing fees?  

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There are no ongoing monthly costs or targets, and plenty of incentives running throughout each year for Ambassadors to go for, should they wish. From earning product credit and branded business tools and accessories, to securing a spot at exclusive events and behind-the-scenes visits to HQ, there’s so much to reward Ambassadors for their efforts. 

How do you become a Tropic Leader and what does it entail?  

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Only around 10% of Ambassadors decide to build a team and those that do become Tropic Leaders. Leaders aren’t paid to recruit new Ambassadors, and they don’t take commission from their teams. Leaders help to train their Ambassadors and in return, are rewarded with Title promotion bonuses and earn commission when they and their team sell products – all of which come from Tropic.   

For Leaders to receive extra bonuses or maintain their Title, they must continue selling products themselves. Most Tropic Leaders reach more than double the monthly Personal Sales required to receive the bonuses. They achieve these results thanks to the customer base they organically grow and secure over time with Tropic.   

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