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Return, Recycle, Reward Scheme

Discover a more sustainable, cost-effective way to shop beauty!

Sustainable Self-Care

To protect our planet and make our products as sustainable as possible, we’re proud to offer a variety of refillable options. Since 2019, these eco-friendly top-ups have prevented over 20 tonnes of plastic waste from going to landfill.

We’re working hard to roll out refills across as many formulas as possible. But if a refill isn’t available for your favourite product just yet, check out our Return, Recycle, Reward Scheme. It’s our way of thanking you for thinking of the planet.

Which Products Can I Refill?

When you’ve used up your toning essence, serum, oil, or moisturiser, don’t throw the bottle away. Replenish your supply with a refill option, reuse your original pump or pipette, and recycle or upcycle your empty bottle. That way, you’ll make a saving and reduce beauty waste. 

Serum pipettes are reusable for up to twelve months, while oil pipettes can be used for up to eighteen months.

For body care products, powder cleansers, and powder makeup, keep your empty containers and order a biodegradable refill pouch.

And if you want a personalised makeup look to refill and reuse forever, look no further than our innovative Colour Palette. Build your bespoke combination of cosmetics, and replace the pans whenever you want to mix up or restock your look. 

We also offer refill cartridges for Kiss Me Quick lipsticks. Just keep the twisty tube and collect your empty cartridges, because when you send five back to Tropic HQ, you’ll receive a new lipstick for free.

Innerbottle™ Balloon Returns

For products using our innovative INNERBOTTLE™ balloon, you're able to return five of the balloons to receive a £10 product voucher to spend on our website or your Ambassador's website! The process for returning these refills is exactly the same and you'll be given the option to tell us if they're INNERBOTTLE™ balloons via your refill scheme form above!

Which Products Can I Return?

For products that are a little trickier to recycle at home, we’ll do the hard work for you – and reward you for saving the planet, too! 

Return five of any of the same product packaging below, using a free returns label, and we'll treat you to a Tropic voucher for the full value of a brand new product.

Please note we cannot accept single pumps or sachets. Refills pouches for Luxury Bath Foam and Signature Hand Wash only can be returned as part of the refill scheme and not the bottle/pump packaging.

Did you know we’re a completely landfill-free brand? Our recycling partners will collect your returned products and recycle them into something brand new! Anything we can’t recycle is repurposed into an alternative fuel (that replaces fossil fuels) to power homes and businesses sustainably. All the energy used to recycle and turn our waste into alternative fuel is, like all aspects of our operations, double carbon offset. We’re now independently verified by Valpak, a leading provider of environmental compliance, for further transparency.

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