Ariel image of the rainforest showing numerous trees growing together and a river meandering through.

Our Infinite Purpose

To help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

At Tropic, everything we do is guided by our Infinite Purpose. From every formula we perfect, to every emission we offset, every child’s education we fund, we’re always striving to make the world a healthier, greener and more empowered place.

Read more about our three value pillars below and the work we do as a force for good beyond beauty.

1. Healthier

Your healthiest skin starts with nature’s healthiest ingredients. With over 100 years of industry experience between them, our team of in-house biochemists harness the latest in green skincare science, creating cutting-edge formulations to unlock your natural glow. 

  • We sustainably source the most nutritious ingredients from tropical climates
  • Our formulas are clinically tested and shown to have impressive results
  • Our core skincare range is COSMOS certified organic
  • You’ll find no toxic chemicals or artificial preservatives in our products.  

We freshly make almost every formulation right here, at our Surrey HQ.

2. Greener

Tropic wouldn’t exist without the wonders of the natural world. So, it’s only right that we give back to our planet, protecting its precious landscapes and creatures for generations to come.

  • All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • We’re certified CarbonNeutral® and double offset our emissions.
  • All our packaging is either recyclable, refillable or returnable
  • We send no waste to landfill
  • Tropic HQ uses entirely renewable energy
  • We’re proud to use refillable INNERBOTTLE™ technology.
  • We’ve planted our own climate change-resistant forest in the UK. 
  • We’re growing a Tropic nursery of climate-resilient baby coral on the Great Barrier Reef. 

3. More Empowered

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential and strive for their dreams, no matter their background or circumstances. Thanks to your support, every order makes real change happen. We’ve: 

  • Funded over six million school days for children in the world’s poorest, most remote regions. 
  • Opened three Tropic schools in Nepal, Cambodia and Madagascar with United World Schools. 
  • Donated over £200,000 to the Trussell Trust, funding 25 food banks for a whole year. 
  • Provided care packages to survivors of domestic abuse with Women’s Aid. 
  • Supported young LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness with akt. 
  • Supported vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa with the Winnie Mabaso Foundation. 

Plus, we’ve empowered over 20,000 Tropic Ambassadors to build their own beauty business, all while helping others find confidence in their own skin. 

How We Verify Our Values

Every time you shop with Tropic, we want you to understand the positive impact you’re having on your skin, the planet, and its people. 

That’s why we use Provenance®, a software that brings all of this ethical information together in clear Proof Points, validating our claims so that you can shop with confidence.

We publish our sustainability credentials on the Provenance Beauty Directory. See Tropic Skincare's full sustainability profile here.

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