We won! Read all about out Marie Claire Sustainability Award

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have been named the inaugural winners of ‘Best Cruelty Free Brand’ at Marie Claire’s first ever Sustainability Awards.

Created to recognise the eco-conscious businesses that are taking the steps needed to reduce their impact and go the extra mile for our planet, the awards were decided by a distinguished panel of over 40 global experts, leaders and activists in the sustainability sphere.

“What an absolute honour!” said Susie Ma, our Founder and CEO, upon accepting the award. “My aim is to make the world a better place than it was when I found it, and for my business to bolster and empower everyone and everything it impacts, as often as possible. The beauty industry is making waves when it comes to conscious cosmetics, and I hope that one day we live in a world where a sustainable, cruelty-free approach to business is not rare or unique, but merely standard.”

It means the world to be recognised for our status as a 100 per cent cruelty-free brand, one we’ve worn with pride and passion since our inception. In an industry that often neglects animals and leaves our planet’s needs by the wayside as it seeks newer, more expedient ways to produce, we’ll always continue to act against environmental injustice and protect our wildlife. 

“I'm delighted Tropic has won this prestigious sustainability award with Marie Claire,” Connor Bolton, our Brand and Social Responsibility Manager, tells us. “Tropic has always been about being a force for good beyond beauty and I'm proud to state that while we continue to grow, we haven’t compromised on our ethics at all. We’ve never tested on animals and we never will.”

Accredited with the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Programme, we also stand alongside PETA and the Vegan Society and are devoted to conserving our oceans and marine life, with our entire SPF range certified reef-safe by Protect Land + Sea. 

Our Infinite Purpose to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world means constantly seeking out new opportunities to evolve into the most eco-conscious, planet-friendly company we can be. In the coming months, we have even more sustainable strides on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you. Watch this space as we transition our entire core skincare range into becoming completely organic, with the goal to make 100 per cent of our packaging fully recyclable, returnable, refillable or reusable by the end of next year.

And we have one final message thank you so much to all of you! This award would never have become a reality without our customers’ constant support and belief in our values allowing us to make a true difference in the world. We’re so pleased we’re on this journey together.

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