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Getting Your 5-a-day: Self Care Edition

Getting Your 5-a-day: Self Care Edition

Are you getting your 5 a day?

We aren't talking about your fruit and vegetables but something just as important - your self-care 5-a-day :green_heart:

Whether it's doing a face mask, reading a book or stepping outside for some fresh air, it's important to take time to do the things that keep us feeling happy on the inside. 

That's why we've created our Self-care Menu...

A satisfying serving of things to do to keep your mind, body and soul nourished.

We encourage you all to choose 5 things from our menu to implement in your every day and share your choices using the hashtag #Tropic5ADay.

This can be through photos, videos, or using the templates we've shared in our Instagram stories and on our '5ADay' Instagram highlight.

Download your free Self-care activities here:
Self-care Menu 
Self-care Bingo 

Join in on Instagram Stories too!

Let's use this time to look after ourselves, and encourage those around us to do the same.  

We've got this, we've got you. 

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