20 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry.* But what’s being done, and what can you do to help?

What can I do?

Clean and dry your recyclables
The companies that buy your recyclables only accept 95 per cent uncontaminated packaging, so wipe plastic and empty cans! 

Black plastics are harder to recycle
Remember those microwave meal trays? Because the conveyor belts in recycling facilities are black, the sensors can’t recognise dark-coloured plastic, so don’t buy it!

Pumps are rarely recyclable
Most cosmetic pumps are made with multiple varieties of plastic or metal, so only buy from brands who have a recycling scheme!

What is Tropic doing?

We use post consumer-recycled (pre-loved) plastic where possible, and are hoping to move away from virgin plastic entirely.

We’ve prevented 15 tonnes of plastic waste from being created (in comparison with our previous makeup range) with our innovative colour palette. 

Fun fact! That’s the equivalent to two T-Rexes, 81 lions or 3,000 cats!

After deciding to change our operations in 2018, this is now Tropic’s third year of sending 0 waste to landfill!

Plus, don’t forget about our refill options and our Returns Recycle Scheme! Our empty products return initiative ensures that products, such as our Body Smooth and Extension Fibres – whose packaging cannot yet be widely recycled by local councils – can be given a new lease of life through our recycling partners. We incentivise customers to support this initiative by offering a free product for every five empty products of that type sent back.

All product empties that we accept through our return initiative are recycled, with no components going to waste. Even though the majority of our sun care packaging is widely recyclable in household recycling streams, we introduced a new returns scheme for our entire sun care range. This is to encourage customers to take their empty sun care products home with them when they’re out and about or at the beach. 

With you by our side, every small step we take now helps to future-proof our planet for generations to come – we don't claim to be perfect, but we vow to always be driving progress when it comes to protecting this planet we call home.

*Zero Waste Week

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