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Our best-selling Body Smooth Refreshing Polish takes pride of place on the mantelpiece of our Tropic family home loved like a first-born, this exfoliant remains one of our proudest achievements. Now refillable for minimal waste and happier wallets, we’re revisiting its history with a tear in our eye as we look at how far it's come.

Luxurious, moisturising and oh-so-indulgent, our very first product earned its rightful place as a cult classic at Tropic the moment it was made. Lovingly formulated by Tropic Founder Susie at age 15, the Body Smooth Refreshing Polish wowed the crowds at London market stalls and has now evolved into the award-winning staple we love today. 

The benefits of regular exfoliation are endless, so it’s no wonder this product is one of our most heralded. As well as revealing a smooth and glowing layer of fresh skin freed of dull skin-cells, it creates a softened canvas in preparation for hair removal and any additional products in your body care routine we always recommend using our exfoliation products prior to a shave, tan or wax! (Tropic tip: try shaving using the remaining oils after giving your legs a scrub, you can thank us later.)

At Tropic, our Infinite Purpose (aka our mega mission) is to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world, and our Body Smooth Refreshing Polish is a true mascot of that mantra. Throughout its journey, our polish has maintained its natural richness and kept close to its tropical roots. The ingredients used in our Body Smooth Refreshing Polish today hark back to the formulations created in Tropic’s formative years including sea-salts to gently polish the skin; golden jojoba, macadamia and organic rosehip oils to nourish and hydrate; plus lemon myrtle and bergamot to leave your skin crowned with a revitalising, long-lasting citrusy scent. Now, in addition to the sustainably-sourced exfoliants that make our best-selling Body Smooth one-of-a-kind, it’s completely refillable making the cost to our planet for silky smooth skin less than ever before.

Our product refill scheme ensures we can work together with our eco-conscious customers to minimise waste and create a greener way to enjoy your favourite products that’s kinder on the planet and your pockets (yep you’ll make a small saving too!) 

If you use a range of Tropic products on offer, you can opt for our returns recycle scheme simply save five empty packages and return them to us in exchange for a free Tropic product. The richness of our natural planet is fundamental to the goodness that defines Tropic, so we’re ecstatic to take yet another step towards truly sustainable beauty.

We recommend application of our Body Smooth Refreshing Polish once a week onto dry skin, focusing on rough areas such as knees or elbows, followed by our Whipped Body Velvet Intensely Rich Bodymelt, or our Awaken The Senses Body Oil to continue the invigorating spa experience. 

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