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FACE SMOOTH brightening polish

Taking the effort out of making skin bright and beautiful.



FACE SMOOTH brightening polish

Gentle bamboo silica spheres do the dirty work, loosening and lifting dead skin cells like a sweeping brush to reveal the smooth, soft skin that’s been hiding underneath. Environmentally friendly and teeny tiny so there’s no dragging or scratching, while the bamboo spheres clean, the face-brightening blend of macadamia oil and vitamin E polishes, infusing the skin with moisture so it gleams. A twist of sweet orange, lemon and lime essential oils creates an invigorating aroma that leaves you feeling pepped up and ready to go. As this is a physical exfoliator, it can be a little too hardworking for the sensitive souls among us. So, if you have sensitive skin or any sensitive skin conditions, we wouldn’t recommend this skin polish for you.

  • exfoliating
  • brightening
  • smoothing
  • Benefits

    One of the original Tropic products, if we had a hall of fame, this would have its own podium. It remains a firm favourite because it does what it promises – smooths skin and gets rid of unevenness so it becomes brighter, more light-reflective and radiant. Plus, where some exfoliants can be drying or aggressive on sensitive skin, the fatty acid-filled macadamia oil and vitamin E replenish any moisture loss so your face will never feel tight or as if it’s been overworked. Also packed with antioxidants that come from açaí berry and elderberry extracts, that luminosity keeps on coming.

  • Full Ingredients

    This product is freshly made in the UK using the most nutritious, sustainably sourced ingredients from across the globe.

    Our heroes:
    Macadamia oil

    Not just delicious to eat, these Australian nuts are filled with oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic fatty acids which basically means that they boost your skin’s resilience and keep it super supple. They also contain a hefty portion of vitamin E to nourish and replenish any dry areas and because the oil is a similar concentration to our skin’s sebum, it soaks it up easily without clogging pores.

    Bamboo Silica
    Extracted from the inside of a bamboo leaf, this naturally occurring source of silica is known as bamboo ‘tears’ and has the ability to break down the bonds that cause dead skin cells and dirt to stick around on your face for longer than they’re meant to. When combined with ground rice and sea salt, nothing can get in the way of this industrious trio.

    Açaí berry oil
    Another fatty acid-filled gem, this time from Brazil, these berries are also packed full of antioxidants (including vitamin C) that help repair and regenerate skin by getting rid of free radicals. Penetrating skin with ease, it does wonders for getting rid of dry patches or any irritability or inflammation.

    Full Ingredients list

    Golden Jojoba Oil, Ground Tapioca Root, Avocado Butter, Sea Salt, Silica, Macadamia Oil, Coconut Derived Emollient, Bamboo Silica, Elderberry Extract, Açaí Berry Oil, Vitamin E, Soy Lecithin, Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Lime

    simmondsia chinensis seed oil, manihot esculenta root starch, persea gratissima oil, palmitic/stearic triglyceride, sodium chloride, silica, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, coco-caprylate/caprate, bambusa arundinacea stem extract, sambucus nigra fruit extract, euterpe oleracea fruit oil, tocopherol, lecithin, citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil, citrus limon peel oil, citrus aurantifolia oil, limonene*, citral* 
    *component of natural essential oils

  • Delivery and Returns

    We offer free delivery on orders of £30+ for the UK (NI), Channel Island and Isle of Man only. For more delivery information, check out our delivery page. We understand that all skin is different, so if you do need to return your product to us for any reason, visit our returns page for all the details.

  • Packaging and Recycling

    Finished with your product? Here’s all the information you need to make sure your empty packaging ends up in the right place! 

    We always recommend top recycling etiquette, so please separate components before recycling and empty and rinse your packaging with water to minimise contamination where relevant. 

    This product's wrap is printed on Carbon Captured paper. Tropic help support the Woodland Trust, helping to protect and restore ancient woodland as well as creating new habitats for wildlife and natural spaces for people to enjoy.

    • Paper wrap sourced from sustainable forests. Printed with vegetable ink. Widely recycled.
    • Tube widely recycled.
    • Cap not currently recycled.
  • Ethically Accredited

    We’re using Provenance® to transparently share the ethics behind our products in clear, accessible Proof Points. If a Proof Point is Verified, it’s been backed up by a third party independent body. If it’s Evidenced, it’s not third party verified just yet, but we’ve got our own data to support it.


How to use

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How to use

Apply a small amount onto clean, wet/damp skin twice a week, focusing on your T-zone and avoiding any sensitive areas like your eyes and cheeks. Use small circular motions to rub it in and then rinse with warm water to melt away any exfoliating particles that remain. Suitable in the morning or at night, but always remember to apply SPF afterwards if you use it first thing.

I love Tropic because it allows me to use clean and vegan products that work both personally and professionally.

Kenneth Soh - Celebrity MUA

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