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Cell renewal is a natural process but sometimes that dead skin loves to cling on! That’s when it needs a little helping hand to make way for the fresh new cells to shine through and that’s where our exfoliating mitt comes in. Use it pre-shower and you’ll free any cells that are ready to shed without irritation. Expect silkier, softer skin after every use. And don’t forget to use it before you tan - it will ensure the colour glides on evenly.

  • Benefits

    Our skin has a cycle and if it doesn’t shed properly, it means the fresh skin cells waiting in the wings don’t get their time in the limelight and your skin looks dull and feels rough. By exfoliating with this gentle mitt, it’s like giving everything a nudge in the right direction. 

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    We offer free delivery on orders of £30+ for the UK (NI), Channel Island and Isle of Man only. For more delivery information, check out our delivery page. We understand that all skin is different, so if you do need to return your product to us for any reason, visit our returns page for all the details.

  • Packaging and Recycling

    Finished with your product? Here’s all the information you need to make sure your empty packaging ends up in the right place! 

    We always recommend top recycling etiquette, so please separate components before recycling and empty and rinse your packaging with water to minimise contamination where relevant. 

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    Our products are award-winning, effective and ethical – in an industry that often overlooks environmental impact, we promise to double offset all of our carbon emissions. To learn more about why we love our logos and how they're helping us to give back, click here.

How to use

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How to use

Using firm circular motions on dry skin, exfoliate each area of the body working from the ankles upwards. Do not use on the face or broken skin.

Rinse your mitt after use and leave it to air dry. The fabric will gradually wear so replace after six months.

I have only used the Exfoliating Mitt twice but what a difference it’s made already! The skin on my legs and arms is usually dull and dry but after using the mitt and then showering afterwards it is so smooth and silky with a healthy shine.

Kimberley - Customer

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