This page shares brief instructions on how to shop through your local Ambassador and ensure your account is linked to them for future orders. 

By sharing the products they love most, our Ambassadors are going from beauty lovers to business owners. We have thousands of Ambassadors all over the country sharing their favourite products, both online and offline. 

Our Ambassadors have various ways they can support you in finding the right products for your skin. Shopping online using your account that is linked to your Ambassador is one of them! Each Ambassador has their own website link that allows them to introduce Tropic to their online following and gives them a flexible way of running their business to suit their lifestyle. 

You can find out more info about our Ambassador family here.

Don’t know an Ambassador but would like to enjoy tailored skincare advice and more, get in touch via our VIP page here and we’ll put you in touch with someone in your area. 

Why shop with an Ambassador?

The majority of our online customers prefer to shop with an Ambassador. Our Ambassadors can:

  • Offer tailored skincare advice
  • Provide tips and help support you in your skincare journey
  • Share offers and exclusive gifts with you
  • Provide a personal and unique service, no matter how you shop

How do I shop with an Ambassador?

All you have to do to shop with and support your Ambassador online is:

  1. Know your Ambassador’s name or have their unique website link (
  2. Select them as your Ambassador
  3. Create a quick and easy account
  4. Shop your favourite products
  5. Your online connection will remain until you change or remove it for any reason.

Here’s some info on linking your account with your Ambassador and how to check it has been successful:


Whether you are creating an account before or after checkout, the below steps apply.

Step 1: Select ‘Yes’ I know an Ambassador

If you know an Ambassador that you would like to shop with then select ‘Yes’ at the top of the registration form.

Step 2: Search for your Ambassador and select their name


Top tips:

  • You can search by: first or second name or town to find your local Ambassador.
  • A drop down box will appear to allow you to choose the correct Ambassador
  • Some Ambassadors have a small picture next to their name to help you choose 
  • This box may be auto-filled if you came via your Ambassador’s shop link, which will look like this If it is auto-filled with a name already, check it is the right name and location, and continue to create your account.

Step 3: Enter your details and save your account


Step 4: Check your Ambassador was successfully linked to your account


  1. Head to the ‘person’ icon in the menu (it may ask you to log in again, do so using the details you just entered to create your account)
  2. In the account overview after your address details you should see the ambassador assigned to your account under 'My Ambassador'


If you see that the Ambassador name has not been saved, please do the following: 

  1. Click 'My Details' and tick 'Yes' to 'Do you know an ambassador?'
  2. Search for their name in the search box 
  3. Select their name
  4. Scroll down and ‘update account’ to save


Yes, it has worked! You will see the 'My ambassador' field with the name you selected. 


If you are creating an account after adding products to our basket, follow the above steps. 

If you have already created your account and you are ready to check out don’t forget to check that your Ambassador’s name appears before checkout!

Yes, your Ambassador is linked! Then you will see this at the top of the page at checkout:

Top tip: On a mobile? Be sure to scroll up to check!


No, your Ambassador has not been saved successfully. Then you will see this notification and will need to head back to your account page and follow the steps below.

If you see that the Ambassador name has not been saved, please do the following:

  1. Head to your account page by selecting the ‘person’ icon in the menu
  2. Search for their name in the search box 
  3. Select their name
  4. Scroll down and ‘update account’ to save
  5. The blue bar will appear at the top of your account
  6. Head back to your basket and check their name shows as above.

We hope these instructions help you make the most of your online relationship with your Ambassador. Should you have any questions, do get in touch with our support team!

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