Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get after doing a good deed or giving someone a gift they love, right?

With a year like 2020, it can be tempting to break the bank in order to show our loved ones how much we care, bringing them the joy they may have missed in recent months. 

However, while a show-stopping gift is one way to show your appreciation, much can be said for little gestures that spread a large helping of joy, without you having to spend a penny. 

So when it comes to the saying “the best things in life are free”, well, we’re inclined to agree! 

Here are a few ideas for how you can save your pounds but spend big on the love! 

Share a funny meme with a friend 

We all have that group Whatsapp or Instagram message that’s become an ever-growing shrine to the best memes the internet has to offer. Whether animals or movie scenes are your thing, sharing a silly or funny meme with a friend is bound to put a smile on their face, even if they’ve woken up to a rainy, winter Monday! 

Check in with a loved one 

Between all the shopping and festive anthems, this season can feel lonely for lots of people - this year especially. Take time to message or have a phone call with any loved ones you won’t be able to see in person, letting them know you’re thinking of them. Often it’s the people that seem the happiest and would never ask for help who need a listening ear and a friendly voice the most. 

Share your favourite recipes

Food is good for the soul. Fact. So if you have a favourite festive recipe that always cheers you up and makes you feel safe and homely, be sure to share it with your nearest and dearest. And if you’re feeling especially generous and want to ensure a top spot on the nice list, you could even deliver your homemade cuisine creations to their door! 

Tell your friends you appreciate them 

Most of us think we have the best friends in the world, and that’s because, more often than not, it’s true. We often get wrapped up (no pun intended) in busy life, especially at this time of year, and forget to tell our friends just how much we appreciate them. So the next time you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or your Zoom call is taking ten years to load, drop a message to your closest pals to let them know how lucky you feel.

Pass on book, TV and film recommendations 

We’ve all exhausted our “top picks for you” lists on Netflix by now and our Kindles are well-worn, and yet this is the season to get cosy at home and get lost in a book or some cinematic action. Sharing recommendations with your friends for books, shows or films you’ve loved is a way to show them you care and that you’re thinking of them!

Support Small 

Not everyone has the means to shop small, and that’s okay, but you can support small and local businesses for free. From leaving positive reviews and subscribing to newsletters to saving, liking and sharing posts on social, these are all free ways you can show small businesses your support this season! 


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