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What a phenomenal day we had at our Tropic Rocks Glambassador Event!

This biannual event is one of the biggest dates in our calendar. It’s an opportunity for Tropic Ambassadors from across the UK to come together, celebrate their incredible achievements, and be the first to discover our new season products..

And this year’s theme, Tropic Rocks, had us all ready to rock! Here’s a sneak peek at what we got up to:



An important part of this Glambassadors event was to raise money for a charity close to our hearts, The Winnie Mabaso Foundation.The Winnie Mabaso Foundation was established to support vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa, particularly those living with HIV. Over the years, their work has extended to help underprivileged people of all ages, from babies to grannies.



We aimed to raise enough money to repair the leaking roof of Ilamula House, the home for vulnerable, abused and orphaned girls, through both donations and a raffle. And we were simply blown away by the generous donations and amazing support shown to the Winnie Mabaso Foundation.

We are thrilled to announce that we have gone above and beyond our aim, and are able to donate a whopping £23,300 to the Winnie Mabaso Foundation. This means the foundation are able to not only repair their leaking roof, but also build an outdoor classroom for the children, and plan a trip to the sea, which many of the ‘grannies’ have never seen before.

Founder and CEO of the Winnie Mabaso Foundation, Lisa Ashton, says:
“To say I am thrilled with the amount of money raised by all of you at the Tropic Rocks event would be an understatement.

The love you have shown to us over the last couple of years has been truly overwhelming. We had huge celebrations when we returned from holiday to see our beautiful new roof already complete.

Tonight we had a storm and for the first time in years we were not rushing around with buckets to protect our things. You truly have made such a major difference to our lives.

This morning work began on our outdoor classroom - a place where the girls can study in the shade in peace and quiet.... we will also be taking our grannies away for a few days to the seaside in December - they have never seen the ocean before and I can’t wait to see their faces.

You have made magic happen for us and we will be forever thankful. Mabaso love from me, the girls, our grannies and the rest of the team.”

We would also like to say a big thank you to those you kindly donated prizes for our raffle, helping to raise these vital funds for such a wonderful cause.

Codsall and Wergs Garden Centre: https://codsallandwergs.co.uk/
Candy Kittens: https://candykittens.co.uk/
Doisy & Dam: https://doisyanddam.com/
Duck & Dry: https://www.duckanddry.com/
Espresso Mushroom Company: https://espressomushroom.co.uk/
Hearth and Heritage: https://hearthandheritage.co.uk/
Highdown Vineyard: https://www.highdownvineyard.co.uk/
The Little Picture Company: https://thelittlepicturecompany.co.uk/
Natural Collection: https://www.naturalcollection.com/
Oh So Cherished: https://www.ohsocherished.co.uk/romantic-gifts-for-her-s/1946.htm
Potting Shed designs: https://www.pottingsheddesigns.com/
Primrose Kitchen: https://primroseskitchen.com/
The Rustic Dish: https://www.therusticdish.com/
Spiceentice: https://www.spicentice.com/
Stackers: https://stackers.com/
Vegan Outfitters: https://veganoutfitters.co.uk/
The Vintage List http://www.thevintagelist.co.uk/

See you next time!