Our family of Beauty Booster shades just got a bit bigger, and our labelling of them a whole lot better. Want to know more?

We’ve brought three dynamic new additions into the mix – Shades 4, 7 and 9 – to expand our colour-match options across a wider range of skin tones. ‘Hold on a second’, we hear you wonder, ‘what’s all this about Beauty Boosters boasting numbers instead of names?’

It’s pretty simple, really. We’ve promised that we’ll always evolve our range to be as inclusive as possible across the board, and for our makeup, that meant going back to the drawing board and reconsidering how we describe our shades.

“It's important that the language we all use grows and develops to be as inclusive as possible,” explains Elizabeth Kennedy, Tropic Content Manager. “Our shade names weren't as inclusive as they could be before, and so I'm very proud that we’ve made the decision to learn from that and develop. Changing shade names that included 'nude' for example and instead using numbers for our Beauty Boosters is just one of the first steps we're taking to ensure the language we use as a brand represents everyone. We're still not perfect, but we're constantly learning and striving to do better!”

It didn’t make sense for us to label a foundation Barely Nude, when in reality there’s no such thing as a singular ‘nude’ skin tone. As a result, we’ve decided to move away from being overly prescriptive with our shade names – basing them on colour descriptors that may not ring true with all of you felt outdated and unnecessary.

“Expanding and improving the makeup range is an ongoing mission for me,” Mica Benjamin tells us, Tropic’s Makeup Development Executive. “It is so important to me that we can cater to all people, across race, gender, age and even makeup styles! I want everyone to look and feel amazing!”

That’s why every shade now has a number instead of a name – for example, Porcelain is now Shade 1, Barely Nude is now Shade 2, and so on… But don’t worry, for all of our long-time Beauty Booster lovers, we’ve made sure that there won’t be any confusion when it comes to buying your favourite shade. When you head over to our website to pick yours up, each new number is clearly labelled with its corresponding old name, at least for a period, so it will be super clear (some might say sheer) when opting for your old faithful foundation.

“Tropic's new shade numbers are simpler, impartial and take out the guesswork,” explains Connor Bolton, Tropic Brand and Social Responsibility Manager. “With the introduction of our new shades we're ensuring everyone can look good, feel good and be a force for good beyond beauty.”

All that’s left to do now is snap up your selection and prime your complexion for a dewy, long-lasting finish!

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