Time for Nature Now and Always

From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, all of it is derived from nature. And the value it provides to us every single day is irreplaceable. 

We’ve also always believed that our skin benefits most from natural, nourishing ingredients derived from nature, which is why our formulations are powered by some of the most effective botanicals in the world; they’re also susceptible to the consequences of climate change. 

It’s only right to take care of the planet, so it can take care of us. As part of our Infinite Purpose to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world, we’re committed to the sustainability of our planet. That’s why we're celebrating some of our key initiatives in ways we create positive change to protect our precious environment

Certified CarbonNeutral®

For three years running, we’ve been a certified CarbonNeutral® company. What’s more, we’re incredibly proud to be leading the way in the industry by double-offsetting our emissions. 
This means we remove twice the amount of greenhouse gases than we emit.
Last year, we delivered over $1.1 million worth of value to households, infrastructure and biodiversity through double offsetting our carbon (ICROA).

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

We source from over 30 countries and territories around the world. It’s vital that all our suppliers adhere to key sustainability initiatives so that all our ingredients are responsibly sourced. 

Green Science

By being on the cutting edge of green science, we now also use nature-identical ingredients where it’s unsustainable to source from the earth.  Compared side by side, there is no difference in their chemical structure, hence the name “nature identical”. Using nature-identical ingredients allows us to bring you the most nutritious, freshly made products at a lower price, all whilst being eco-conscious.

Committed to Recycling 

In 2017, 3.35% of our waste went to landfill. In 2018, it was just 0.52%. For 2019, we were completely landfill-free. Anything we can’t recycle is repurposed into an alternative fuel that displaces fossil fuels, to power homes and businesses. All the energy used to recycle and to turn our waste into alternative fuel is of course, like all aspects of our operations, double carbon offset. 

Our choices can change the world, and being a part of our Tropic journey means being part of a greater force beyond beauty. Now and always

Want to learn more about our initiatives? Read more about our Infinite Purpose here

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