The Future of Tropic

The future isn’t one-dimensional. It’s multifaceted, multifarious, and always changing shape. At Tropic, we believe the future is mouldable.

We’re declaring our Infinite Purpose: to build a healthier, greener, more empowered world – a future brimming with possibilities, where you really can have it all... and then some.

We like to think this Infinite Purpose keeps our feet on the ground and our eyes wide open. It means we’re constantly looking forwards – adapting and innovating – but also looking behind us, re-evaluating and reflecting on what we could do better in everything we do. The goal is always to get one step closer to a brighter, better future.

And there’s no time like the present. At Tropic, we consider ourselves leaders. To stay on track for our healthier, greener, more empowered world, we need to lead the way in finding new solutions to the challenges facing our planet. So, after five years as one of the fastest-growing skincare brands in the UK, we decided there’s never been a better time to take a breath and reassess every layer of Tropic, from the ground up.

To help us grow, we listened to the cry of the planet, and we listened to you, our loyal customers. We delved into environmental reports and customer reviews. We listened to climate experts, skincare scientists, and our instincts. We re-examined our supply chains and tested new products on Tropic lovers and Ambassadors who’ve supported us since the very beginning. And all the while, we chanted ‘progress, not perfection.’ Because to us, sustainable beauty is an infinite journey, where things can always be improved. But as long as we’re striving towards our trusty Infinite Purpose, we’re confident we’re on a good, green path.

So, are you ready to see what we’ve come up with? Without further ado, we introduce our guiding tenets...

POWERFUL: tried, tested and true 

When it comes to our diet, we know fresh, organic food can often be the healthiest option, so shouldn’t we adopt the same approach to feeding our skin? It’s our largest organ, after all. So, we’re introducing a rainbow of certified organic ingredients to our core range.

Nutrient-dense, sun-soaked soil has powered our products since day one. We know that by going organic, we can maximise nature’s goodness even further – in the same way an organic orange is richer in colour, or your home-grown greens are far more, well, green, these formulations will be perfectly pigmented. They’re also packed with organic plant goodness, which can be 20-40% richer in antioxidants, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Their textures and scents feel more sensory and luxurious, but these new formulations are – most importantly – more effective. We’ve opted for ingredients smaller in molecular weight, meaning they carry the product deeper into the skin. This essentially means more ‘glow’ per gram, which you’ll see evidenced in our clinical data!

And it’s no coincidence that what’s great for your skin is great for the planet too. Organic soil is one of Earth’s most valuable tools when it comes to fighting climate change. Organic fields sequester more carbon and tend to have lower emissions, according to our certifier, the COSMOS Organic Soil Association. To receive this gold-standard certification, every part of our supply chain must be audited yearly! They’re checking everything – that the tropical farms where our ingredients are grown are pesticide-free, all the way through to seeing that our factory is safe from harmful synthetic chemicals. So, look out for our hard-earned ‘certifed organic’ labels. 

And when it comes to visible results, we really put our money where our mouth is. We always knew our plant-powered products were effective, but now we’ve commissioned clinical data from independent labs to prove it. For example, did you know the upgraded formula of our Comfort Food (previously Deep Hydration) mask improves skin hydration by 174% in just two hours? We’ve upcycled our knowledge and empowered our Ambassadors with these stats – so they’re even more ready to deliver results-driven skincare, right to your door.

Organic farmers don’t use artificial pesticides. They work with nature to protect soil, human, and animal health. Organic fields are nurtured sustainably, allowing wildlife to flourish and become up to 50% more abundant.

PURPOSEFUL: empowering all, including you 

Every single Tropic product has a purpose. As well as being tailor-made and targeted to your unique skin type, tone, or concern, each bottle is a force for good beyond beauty. Next time you watch Eye Work illuminate dark circles, or marvel as Pure Lagoon clears up a blemish-prone T-zone, close your eyes and picture how your skincare is having an equally positive effect around the globe.

For a start, every order funds education, bringing brighter futures to children in remote regions of Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Madagascar.

So far, your Tropic beauty routine has funded a whopping five million school days, keeping young girls out of child marriage, creating equal opportunities, and opening up exciting possibilities.

But the best bit about our purpose being ‘infinite’ means we don’t stop at just one goal. Moving into the future, we’ll continue to set our sights as high as possible. From planting new forests across the globe to supporting UK food banks through the Trussell Trust, going the extra mile to double offset carbon emissions, and propelling British industry from our Surrey-based HQ. Each and every part of our business is guided by a never-ending mission to spread positivity far and wide.

PLANET PROTECTIVE: treading lightly too

To package our luxurious organic goodness, we thought it was only right to level-up our plastic policies. Lids, bottles, and containers have been made from PCR plastic wherever possible, and we’ve introduced more glass bottles, so you can recycle more easily at home.


Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic is ‘pre-loved’ plastic that’s been given a second, or just new, lease of life.

Some of our core range packaging also features a futuristic INNERBOTTLE concept – ensuring every last drop of goodness can be squeezed out and refilled. We’re proud to be one of the first beauty brands in the world to roll out this technology on a mass scale! And to carry us further into the future, we’ve invested our profits in brand-spanking-new eco machinery, to help us refill on site at HQ.

100% of our core skincare range (available in our Complete Collection) is recyclable, returnable or refillable, and we’re only just getting started!

Our goal is to halve our use of virgin plastic by the end of 2022. We’ll gradually be introducing more PCR plastic containers and alternatives throughout our entire range. But it’s important to note that we’re not scrapping old packaging that’s still in circulation! We don’t believe in unnecessary waste and we’ve done our best to make this evolution slow and mindful. We’ll update and upcycle in the most planet-protective way possible. That’s why your old reliable Body Love might arrive in original packaging one week, but dressed up in a very snazzy, re-branded and refreshed tube the next. We hope you’ll be patient with us! It’ll be worth it.. 

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