Susie Says: A good skinfluence

We asked Tropic Founder and CEO, Susie Ma, her top tips for complexion perfection – notepads at the ready, everyone! 

Snooze Control 

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep! My skin always looks its best when I’m well-rested and had my undisturbed eight+ hours of sleep. This is the starting point for great skin; it doesn’t matter what you put on your face if you’re not sleeping enough. 

Press to Impress 

Most of us who are skincare savvy have a serum as part of our daily routine, but the way we apply it has a big impact on its results. It’s tempting to rub some natural serums into skin, like you would an oil or a moisturiser, but try gently pressing instead for optimal absorption of all those nourishing ingredients. 

Probiotic like a Pro

I take probiotics every day and eat fermented foods like kimchi and kefir regularly as part of my diet. Scientific research has shown that because our gut and skin are our primary interface with the external environment, both organs are uniquely related in purpose and function (Frontiers in Microbiology). So, a healthy gut equals healthy skin – forget ever hearing the phrase ‘beauty is skin deep’! 

Power Powder 

Our cleansing powder Clear Skies has transformed my complexion and my cleansing routine. Once I’ve added water, I massage it into clogged pores on my T-zone for at least a minute after steaming or warming my face with warm water and a Bamboo Face Cloth. Then, after I’ve cleansed, I splash cold water on my face ten times to stimulate blood flow. Voilá, my skin feels squeaky clean and super smooth.

“I’m a big fan of an at-home facial massage, and it’s something I regularly try to make part of my skincare routine, even if it’s just two minutes.”

Face Time 

I’m a big fan of an at-home facial massage, and it’s something I regularly try to make part of my skincare routine, even if it’s just two minutes. I use either of our oils – Super Greens or Elixir – and massage them into my face, neck and décolletage to help stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Trust me it works, that’s why your skin looks so good after stepping out after a facial. 

Bye Bye Blemishes 

When I feel a spot appearing, you know the ones you can feel lurking under your skin before you even see them on your face? I like to target them before they get a chance to break through so before bed I put a drop of our Fruit Peel serum on the area of skin, let it dry, and then apply a small amount of our New Horizon mask on top – it’s an effective overnight spot treatment. And no matter how tempting it can be, don’t squeeze or touch that spot! 

Keep it clean

Regularly cleaning any tools that come into contact with your face is essential for good skin health – nobody wants bacteria from their bathroom or makeup bag on their skin! I always clean my Bamboo Face Cloth with our Signature Hand Wash before I use it, and clean my makeup brushes regularly too.

Don't dry 

I try not to towel dry my face to keep moisture on my skin for as long as possible! After cleansing, I simply let my skin air dry as I brush my teeth, or I gently pat my face until dry. Try this for noticeably more hydrated skin! 

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