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Sun Care Myths Busted

Sun Care Myths Busted

     We’re debunking some of the most common sun care myths we’ve heard recently, so that you can stay sun smart this summer!


You can only burn in summer

    Your skin can actually burn any time of the year. While it’s true that the sun’s UV rays are stronger during the Sumer months, our skin is exposed to them all year round, even when it’s cloudy. This means you can still get sunburnt on cool, hazy or cloudy days.

    You can’t get sunburnt inside or in the shade

      You can still burn when inside and in the shade. You may be surprised to learn that UV rays can pass through leaves, branches, windows and clouds - they can even reflect off water, sand, glass and concrete. While sitting in the shade or indoors does limit you UV exposure, it doesn’t mean you’re escaping it completely!

      You only need to apply sunscreen once a day

        You should reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the day. To ensure your skin is always protected, we’d recommend reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours if you’re exposed to the sin, regardless of SPF factor.

        A tan that builds isn’t dangerous

          There is no healthy way to tan from UV rays. Any tan we get from the sun is actually an indication that our skin has been damaged and is trying to protect itself against further UV radiation. Achieve that coveted golden glow without the sun damage by opting for self-tanning products instead.

          Makeup acts as a UV barrier

          Makeup doesn’t act as a barrier and will not protect you skin sufficiently. UV rays are still able to pass through your makeup, penetrating the skin’s surface and causing sun damage. Even when wearing makeup with an added SPF, we recommend also wearing a facial SPF to ensure all areas of the face - including those you wouldn’t apply makeup to - are protected.

          It’s too late to protect my skin - it’s already damaged

          It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Skin damage is cumulative. On average only 47% of lifetime exposure occurs by age 40, which means that the most sun damage occurs after this time.* Start safeguarding yourself now by wearing a broad spectrum SPF  50 sunscreen every day - your skin will thank you for it.
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