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Sub-Zero Heroes: Essential Winter Skin Guide

Sub-Zero Heroes: Essential Winter Skin Guide

Have you noticed a change in the appearance and feel of your skin as winter creeps in? Does your skin feel dry and exhausted? You’re not alone! Between the cold winter weather outside and the dehydrating blasts of central heating inside, your skin can become unhappy and unbalanced. Cosy up in your winter PJ’s and check out our top tips for how to treat dry, dehydrated, winter skin.


Keep on top of dry winter skin with this fast-absorbing, everyday solution Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum. Enriched with the combined powers of hyaluronic acid, evergreen fern and advanced plant peptides this super serum replenishes moisture throughout the day. 

TOP TIP: For an ultra-hydrating experience, press a generous amount of the product into your skin and leave to soak in. 


The lips are often the first part of the body to show and feel the effects of the cold weather, and no one wants to sit in the office all day with dry, chapped lips. Harnessing the conditioning qualities of açaí sterols, the protective powers of wild mango wax and the repairing effects of vitamins C and D, keep our Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner on your desk to ensure your pout never looks anything but gorgeous! 

TOP TIP: Don't let any product go to waste! Apply any excess to your nails and cuticles, treating them to the same intense nourishment too! 



During winter, our complexions can become tired-looking and in need of brightening. Our bestselling Elixir Age-Defying Omega Oil not only hydrates your skin, but it also helps to give a noticeably smooth, youthful appearance. Plus, it can be used on your body too! So you can say goodbye to dry skin in winter with this all over, full-body nourishment.

TOP TIP:  For a super-indulgent treat, combine a few drops with your Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate to lock in moisture for ultra-hydration and visibly brighter-looking skin. 


If you were a little too late with the winter skincare routine this year, the chilly weather may have already caused your skin to dry out. Combatting this and re-hydrating dry skin is so important which is why we've enriched our Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask with resurrection flower extract for its nourishing properties that deeply hydrate and restore skins vitality. It's the perfect skin saviour to thoroughly replenish the moisture you need!

TOP TIP: Try wearing your face mask while in the bath for the perfect at-home winter spa experience!



A long day out in the cold or a busy day in a centrally heated office can really take its toll on your skin, that’s why it’s vital to get your beauty sleep! Rest away the effects of winter with our Skin Dream Age-defying Firming Cream Concentrate, a nourishing overnight treat that will smooth dry patches, brighten your complexion and help cells regenerate - perfect for fighting off the winter blues! 

TOP TIP: After cleansing and toning, apply Skin Dream in circular motions to boost blood circulation before bed. Don’t forget to apply to your neck too!


Wave goodbye to extremely dry or cracked hands with our Superfood Hand Therapy. This nutritious, fast-absorbing hand cream combines mango butter, shea butter and papaya seed oil to repair dry, winter-weary hands and protect them from future damage. 

TOP TIP:  After smoothing the cream into your skin, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the uplifting, tropical scent for an instant mood boost!

Do you have any winter skincare tips? Head on over to our Facebook or Twitter pages and let us know! 


Do you need some help choosing the products that are best suited to your skin? Try our Skincare Routine Finder and we'll build your bespoke skincare routine in an instant. 


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