The tides are changing here at Tropic. You didn’t think we’d let summer go by without launching something brand new, did you? 

Ocean Dive Pore-Clearing Serum has arrived! For a while now, we’ve wanted to develop a serum for targeted use on areas of excess oil, clogged and enlarged pores, blackheads and whiteheads and general blemishes. Finally, after years of hard work, it’s been brought to fruition – although we must say we prefer the image of it magically washing up on shore fully formed.

Think of our purifying new addition as a fresh ocean wave, diving deep into pores and removing any dirt, sebum or blemish-causing bacteria it finds to reveal skin that looks and feels clearer, smoother and more balanced.

And it’s suitable for...well, just about everyone! Even if you just have skin concerns in one area of your face, and the rest of your complexion is dry or blemish-free, you can use Ocean Dive only in the areas you need it.

Intrigued? We’ve pooled (if you pardon the pun) six of our favourite things about Ocean Dive that we think will leave you ready to take the plunge and make a splash in your skincare.

Note: If you have sensitive or dry areas of skin, we don’t recommend using this serum on these areas.

It brings together a powerful blend of natural ingredients

The serum derives its main potency from a blend of three potent acids, the superstars at the heart of its formulation.

Exfoliating marine fulvic acid breaks down dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and ultimately leaving your skin looking refreshed and renewed – it certainly helps that it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to brighten and soothe your complexion.

Working alongside it is water-soluble 2% lactic acid, which gently exfoliates close to the skin’s surface, works to even skin tone and aids moisture retention.

This surface level exfoliation removes dead skin build up on top of pores and paves the way for the maximum strength 2% salicylic acid to access deep inside pores more easily. It’s oil-soluble, so it has no trouble penetrating the lipid layers between skin cells and dissolving any blemish-causing debris that’s clogging pores.

Hydrating, ocean-born blue algae also stands on guard protecting your skin from pollution and free radical damage, while charcoal puts the finishing touches on blemish-busting by joining forces with the serum’s acids to fully draw out impurities from pores. 


It’s taken three years to perfect Ocean Dive’s formulation to make it the effective skin saviour it is now.

The journey began when our Founder, Susie Ma, envisioned a product that would be suited for people with combination skin like herself. A lot of products aimed at tackling oiliness are designed to be used on the whole face, so Susie wanted to do things differently by creating a serum that could target solely the oily areas of her skin and help others do the same.

As she worked with the Innovation Team to fine-tune ideas, tweak the necessary ingredients and brainstorm the best product possible, the vision for Ocean Dive started to become clear. Three years later, that vision is now a reality!

It comes with some special helpers  

To help you get the most out of Ocean Dive, we’ve also created our Bamboo Buds, allowing you to apply it to areas of oiliness, blemishes, bumpiness or clogged pores with ease (and without using too much product).

Their unique shape is designed to help you utilise the serum in different ways. The smaller part of the tip can be used to target individual blemishes, while the wider part is ideal for swiping and gliding the serum across larger areas.  

Just as you can opt to buy your Smoothing Cleanser without a Bamboo Face Cloth, you can buy Ocean Dive with or without a box of Bamboo Buds. The price is the same whichever option you go for, so this essentially means that with every Ocean Dive order, you have the choice of adding 31 free buds into the mix.

It’s helping to protect our oceans 

10% of profits will be donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation in Cairns, Australia. Not only is that Susie’s childhood home, she’s also a keen scuba diver, so it seemed natural to take the opportunity to support the marine ecosystems in this area with the launch of our ocean-themed serum.

In 2016 and 2017, there were two unprecedented back-to-back bleaching events, which affected two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef. At over 2,300km in length overall, two thirds is a huge amount of coral, which is why we’re so proud to support an organisation taking action to restore it.

The Reef Restoration Foundation works to regenerate damaged coral reefs by establishing ocean-based coral nurseries, protecting all the wildlife that depend on reefs for survival. You can read more about their work on their website 

It’s predicted that around 70-90% of the world’s existing reefs will disappear in the next two decades (University of Hawaii Manoa). So it’s imperative that we preserve them, and now you can help do just that with every Ocean Dive purchase!

It’s a team player 

Ocean Dive is a purifying, pore-cleansing wonder all on its own but it also works perfectly as one third of our ultimate blemish-preventing trio alongside Clear Skies and Pure Lagoon. And just to make it super easy for you to remember that these three go together, they all share the same beautiful blue hue.

Start out by cleansing twice with Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Skies, before targeting specific areas with Ocean Dive.

If you have blemishes or oily skin in larger areas of your face, wait ten minutes and then follow with Pure Lagoon all over for ultimate skin clarity.

We generally recommend waiting ten minutes after applying Ocean Dive before continuing with whatever the next step in your routine is to allow the acids time to work.

Our Clear Skin mask is a great product to use with this new serum too, and you can also use it in the same routine as Rainforest Dew for an extra burst of hydration. 

It’s eco-conscious 

Great news! Ocean Dive’s packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, with a glass bottle and aluminium cap that up the serum’s sustainability factor for our oceans and environment. 

The Bamboo Buds are made from natural, sustainable bamboo and cotton fibres. Plus they’re completely biodegradable, meaning you can pop them in the compost, garden waste or food bin after you’ve used them. We recommend one tip per application, so each bud should serve you for two uses.

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