Unscented skincare: for extra sensitive skin

Looking for fragrance-free products to soothe sensitive skin? Well, we’ve got some natural, clinically-tested treats for you! 

At Tropic, we believe scent has a hugely transformative potential. We drizzle natural essential oils into lots of our products to awaken visions of exotic climes and sunnier temperatures; transport us to aromatic herb gardens or lush rainforests; and allow us to indulge in previously forgotten memories. And yet, if you have very sensitive skin, you’ll know all too well that certain fragrances can have a very different effect on your wellbeing. But never fear – while our products are always 100% free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, our biochemists have been busy blending some special, fragrance-free formulas for extra sensitive skin. Why? Because we want everyone to feel included at Tropic, and benefit from ultra-luxurious, effective skincare without compromising on health and happiness. 

What is sensitive skin?

Generally speaking, sensitive skin reacts adversely to heat, weather changes, and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, you might notice a taut feeling when you step out of a hot shower, or a prickling sensation when you apply products that contain certain scents or artificial chemicals. Then, there’s the general redness, itchiness and dryness that can appear randomly, but is often provoked by subtle changes to your lifestyle – like adding new skincare ingredients into your routine or making a change to your laundry detergent. That’s why we make it out mission to create balanced, gentle products that you can trust and rely on in your daily routine – as well as extra calming products that can help anyone out of a fiery skin flare-up. 

What are unscented products?

Unscented skincare is free from synthetic fragrances and added essential oils. Instead, these products simply smell like the ingredients they contain. This means their scent is often subtle and naturally delicious! 

Unscented Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier

Blended without essential oils, this gentle cleanser melts away dirt, pollution, SPF, and makeup without any need for rubbing and scrubbing. Dermatologically approved for all skin types and sensitivities, it smells naturally nutty, thanks to the whipped macadamia and organic golden jojoba oil. 

Unscented Morning Mist Soothing Toning Essence

An improved, organic version of our former Vitamin Toner, this refreshing infusion combines nutritious plant milks and juices to shower your delicate skin in a hydrating, cooling cloud of calm. Free from added fragrances, you can rely on this gentle mist daily to soothe and rehydrate even the most irritated skin. 

Unscented Morning mist on bathroom shelf with foliage

Unscented Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate

This lightweight, creamy moisturiser is packed with a whopping 20 different fruit, flower and seed extracts. Juicy Kakadu plum brightens your complexion, while berry seed oils provide essential fatty acids to repair dry skin and strengthen your skin barrier, so you stay hydrated and healthy.  

This trio of unscented skincare saviours can also be enjoyed in a variety of our collections, from our ABC Skincare Collection to our Skincare Discovery Kits.  

Rinse and Retreat Sensitive Body Wash

Envelop yourself in a moment of cleansing, creamy calm. This fragrance-free body wash is pH-balanced, so it’s kind to sensitive skin as well as the intimate areas of your body. Containing tamanu oil, plus coconut, guava, and bamboo water, this fragrance-free body wash will help soothe and invigorate all at once.

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