Welcome to our new series, tracing the origins of some of our most beloved products with their creator (and our CEO) Susie Ma!

We’re so excited to share our Founder’s insights into the creative process. Kicking things off, it’s a true hydration hero, Rainforest Dew. 

We want you to close your eyes and imagine you’re standing at the edge of a crystal-clear lagoon as an icy cool waterfall cascades over your face, the smell of fresh morning dew drifting through the air and the calls of exotic birds echoing in the distance. Ok, now you’re officially in a Rainforest Dew state of mind, it’s over to you, Susie…

The story of Rainforest Dew begins on a business trip I took to South Korea with my Director of Operations, Carlton, back in 2017. Originally, we’d travelled there to look at the latest innovations in beauty packaging, so creating a new product wasn’t exactly on the agenda, but inspiration hit extremely quickly.

Everywhere we went in the country, I was absolutely amazed at the quality of people’s skin, so I started to ask people what they were doing in their daily routines to achieve such clear, glowing complexions. I quickly discovered the real secret to their skincare success was a consistent, soft, gentle routine – and, most importantly, hydration.

That’s actually where I discovered the seven skin method. In South Korea, people will take an essence or hydrating serum, pat it into their skin for 20 seconds, and then repeat the process seven times in a row. Sure, it meant that their evening routines were much longer than I was used to, but based on the radiant skin I saw all around me, it was certainly worth the effort!

Hydration is the key to healthy skin for all skin types (it’s the fundamental building block of every living cell in your body) and I came away from my visit knowing I wanted to create the ultimate thirst-quencher.

Once I was back, the formulation process got underway, and I began working with our HQ lab teams to test out lots of different molecular weights of hydrating hyaluronic acid. That meant that our serum was able to boost moisture levels on the skin’s surface and within its deeper layers.

We also packed the formulation with skin barrier-strengthening ingredients like evergreen fern extract, used specialist hydration testing machinery in our lab, and had the product externally tested – all to ensure it was going to lock in as much moisture as possible.

And all the hard work paid off. When we had Rainforest Dew independently clinically tested over a week on 20 participants, their skin was 46% more hydrated and 22% more even in tone and texture on average. I’m super proud of our hydrating serum!

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