Origin stories with Susie: Colour Palette edition

Today, we’re tracing the beginnings of a true makeup icon – our sleek, innovative and fully-customisable Colour Palette. In typical ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ style, the story will take us across international borders as we uncover exactly how our perfect palette came to be. So, Susie, over to you.     

My diary is always chock-a-block, and I know my friends’ calendars are pretty chaotic too. When we’re spinning so many plates at once, applying makeup is usually a race against the clock.   

Phone cameras, train windows, car sun visors – I’ve used them all as makeshift makeup mirrors when on the go. Rummaging around in the depths of my handbag to find a million and one different beauty products, I’d usually retrieve at least one item looking irreparably squished.      

Enough was enough. I wanted to create a handy, compact and personalised palette that contained everything you might need for a dreamy makeup look, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.     

But my inspiration stretched beyond convenience alone. After discovering that one-third of all waste currently sitting in landfill is personal care packaging (including hard-to-recycle cosmetic palettes), I knew there had to be a different way to do things in the beauty industry. So, we set about creating a game-changing zero-waste palette. So long, plastic packaging!   

Knowing we needed to work with the world’s best designers, we teamed up with an internationally-renowned design agency called Centdegrés. Carlton (Managing Director here at Tropic) and I visited the team every other week to discuss progress and bring our Colour Palette to life. So much more than a regular, run-of-the-mill eyeshadow palette, this refillable palette would redefine the way we look at makeup – so we weren’t taking any shortcuts.   

Inspired by the digital age we live in – and the fact that a mobile phone is never far from most of our palms – we wanted our palette to be comfortable and easy to hold in one hand. We also chose to include a portrait rather than a landscape mirror, so you could see and celebrate the whole of your face, rather than just parts of it.   

Every aspect of the palette was painstakingly planned, designed and tested. We even used a machine to open and close the case 5,000 times to ensure its durability. But finally, after two years and roughly 100 rounds of edits, the purposeful, planet-protective Colour Palette was finished.     

My favourite thing about the Colour Palette? I can keep all of my favourite products and go-to shades in one place. The makeup is vegan, cruelty-free and British-made, with natural ingredients too. So, not only does it help you look your best, but your skin will feel its best too.     

With more than 65 different product options – including a wide range of eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers, highlighters and eyeliners – and over 50 billion possible combinations to build, your dream beauty routine is right at your fingertips. Plus, what’s not to love about our multipurpose products? A lip stain that doubles up as a cheek tint? A bronzer that can also be used as an eye shadow? It’s streamlined, stylish, sustainable beauty that's great for any skin tone.   

It’s also proof that beauty doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Since its launch, the Colour Palette has prevented 15 tonnes of plastic waste from being created. Just refill the products inside as and when you need to, or when you fancy mixing up your look. And how about recyclable packaging? Tick! Yep, even the empty aluminium trays are completely recyclable.  

I’m so proud of our totally Tropic Colour Palette, and I’m always thrilled to hear how much our fabulous customers and Ambassadors love it too. Thanks for joining us on this journey to true beauty freedom, and I’ll see you on the next instalment of Origin Stories!   


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