Nature’s cheat sheet for strong, healthy nails

To save you the trouble, we’ve curated a scientifically-backed cheat sheet to help you conquer the strong nail game and you didn’t have to lift a finger!

In lieu of regular trips to the salon for gels or cuticle treatments, we’ve been perfecting our lockdown recipes for nailing the game. So, polish up on your nail know-how and keep your nails strong while you wait for your regular manicurist!


Our overall health can show from our nails, and a vitamin-enriched diet can be key to conquering the casualty of the hangnail. It’s worth assessing your diet to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients daily, as deficiencies are a common cause of weak and misshapen nails. Brittle nails can be solved by rectifying common deficiencies, but if you’re certain you’re covering enough vitamins within your diet and your nails are still ridged or consistently weak, it could be worth checking in with your doctor.

Folic Acid

If you ever needed more reason to eat your vegetables, this is it. Folic acid (or folate) is essential to nail health and can be boosted naturally in your diet by eating more leafy greens, legumes, beets, and citrus fruits.

Biotin (Vitamin H)

For those of us who are deficient, it’s likely we’ll see an improvement in our nail health after increasing our biotin intake. You can up your biotin by eating more yeast, nuts and seeds (almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pecans in particular), avocado and sweet potato.


Organic Nail Nectar

Healthy nails are happy nails, and happy nails are hydrated. Cuticle oils deliver maximum hydration directly to your nail beds and there’s no need for complicated ingredients lists our freshly-scented Organic Nail Nectar contains six natural ingredients for optimal nail health and glossy manicures (plus the cute starflower inside the bottle is an aesthetic bonus for your bedside table).

Superfood Hand Therapy

This light lotion is perfect for providing additional hydration to your nails, as well as soothing and nourishing your hard-working hands. Try massaging it into your mitts for a few moments of calming self-care.


On the hunt for quick pro-tips to add into your nail routine? Look no further.

  • Try to minimise use of acetone-based nail polish remover, as this can weaken the nails.
  • Avoid over-use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser or harsh soaps when hand-washing (yes, we know…) But if heavy rinsing is a necessity, be sure to compensate with hand cream and cuticle oil, so you’re not leaving your hands stripped of too much moisture, and wear gloves when washing dishes.
  • File in one direction (rather than going back and forth).
  • Treat your nails with kindness! Avoid using your nails as tools and rather opt for using the pads of your fingers when opening things.

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