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Summer is nearly here and that means it’s time to shake up your sun care routine. Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, or planning on making the most of the British sunshine (when it finally arrives), our new mineral sunscreen range has got you covered, literally!  



  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • 100% mineral     
  • Broad spectrum (provides UVA/UVB protection)
  • Kinder to the environment            
  • Gentle on sensitive skin          
  • Water resistant


Thanks to naturally-derived, active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, our mineral sunscreens prevent burning and premature ageing from the sun, while being kinder to skin and the environment too. It’s time to make chemical sunscreens a thing of the past. 


skin shade mineral sun protection

SKIN SHADE - SPF 15, 30, 50

Say hello to the next generation of mineral sunscreen. Skin Shade - available in SPF 15, 30 and 50 - is packed with nutritious botanical extracts, which soothe and hydrate, while shielding skin from UV rays simultaneously. Talk about multitasking! Antioxidant-rich kakadu, illawarra plum, and kahai oil keep skin soft and protected, while clever roucou oil, which is 100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots, provides added protection against UV rays.  

 tinted skin shade mineral sun protection


Tinted Skin Shade is our all-in-one holiday staple for protecting, hydrating and perfecting. It delivers all the goodness of a broad spectrum mineral sunscreen, but with sheer, lightweight coverage that’s natural-looking and water resistant too. This beach bag must-have is brimming with extracts of passionflower oil and Australian aniseed myrtle, which help retain skin’s natural moisture and eliminate free radicals. What’s more, hero ingredient, wild hibiscus flower, helps prevent the breakdown skin’s elastin to actively combat the ageing process. No wonder it’s nicknamed the botox plant!     

 sun balm mineral sun protection


For those days when you get caught out in the sun and need protection fast, Sun Balm is your new, pocket-sized, BFF. Supercharged with tamanu oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil, it’s our go-to for protecting those vulnerable areas prone to burning - think your nose, ears and toes. Plus, there’s no need to worry about white patches thanks to its clear, lightweight, balmy formula that smoothes effortlessly into skin.  

 sun soothe after sun cooling lotion


And let’s not forget after sun! After all, the best way to keep skin healthy following sun exposure is to treat it to a cooling lotion. Sun Soothe is uniquely formulated with moisture-replenishing ingredients that wrap skin in a soothing embrace. Menthol cools overheated skin, while aloe vera and eucalyptus help calm redness and irritation. Even the most sun parched skin will feel revived and refreshed.  


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