Keeks Reid Tries The Soap Brow Trend With Tropic

Are you familiar with ‘soap brows’? It’s a longstanding makeup artist trick that has suddenly boomed on social media, and for good reason. 

If you’re unfamiliar, let me fill you in. Soap brows are created with, you guessed it, soap. With the waxiness of an old school bar of soap, this technique creates fluffy, thicker-looking brows as you brush them through it with a spoolie brush.

I normally stick to a very rigid routine with my brows; brow pen and a slick of brow gel and that’s it. Because my usual routine is so streamlined, trying new techniques, especially more complicated ones, wasn’t something I was looking to explore. However, given the popularity of the trend, I was excited to give soap brows a try using Tropic Skincare picks to see if the flicked up look was going to revolutionise my makeup routine. While they don't sell bars of soap in the traditional sense, they do have incredible, multi-use products that I think might work even better to create these iconic, bold brows!  

Tropic Cleansing Body Pebble

I started with the most traditional soap brow product – the cleansing body pebble. Using the coconut pebble (which smells incredible) I wet the bar with Vitamin Toner pore-refining mist and rubbed a spoolie brush into it. I then gently brushed my brows down, then up, guiding them into shape. My initial thought was ‘I see why this is so popular.’ The fluffiness of fuller brows was instant but the stiffness that you need to avoid saggy looking brows is avoided because the soaps texture gives it hold. 

I would say it’s important to build your brow with this as you don’t want the soap to be detectable and if you go overboard it can cake up. Worried about sparse areas? Make sure your brush isn’t wet when you’re brushing through so it doesn’t lift any fullness you’ve drawn in. The tail-end of my eyebrows are patchy so I always fill them in and they stayed put with this method!

Mama Balm Soothing Nipple Saviour

This is far from the traditional method of soap brows as the Mama Balm is a super conditioning and nourishing product and not a cleanser. However, this gave me a new approach to brows. I applied the balm to the back of my hand and rolled the spoolie brush into it before brushing through. My brows were glossy and natural and – looking at the ingredients in the balm like tamanu oil, coconut oil and shea butter – I’m sure they lapped up the nourishment. If you have naturally full brows and don’t really need much product to make them look the way you want, then this is a great option. Every day I need a little more hold and the oiliness meant that anything I drew in before applying the Mama Balm, lifted. I’ve started applying this before bed, though, to give my brows a treat and to prevent dryness for surrounding skin.

Rinse and Retreat Sensitive Body Wash

The last method I tried was the Rinse and Retreat Sensitive Body Wash. The outcome of this one was a hybrid of the previous two. The texture of the formula created a light hold but nothing like the body pebble. I applied it in the same way that I did the balm and I think this made a difference too. With the bar, I had to wet it with Vitamin Toner pore-refining mist to loosen up the product, whereas I didn’t need to with this one (the texture is already liquid-y), because of that it didn’t really set as such, the texture felt a bit like a hair gel that never dried.

Out of all of the methods I tried, I would definitely give the first a go again. It’s easier than you think and the result is on-trend, thicker, fuller-looking brows. Just call us Cara? 

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