How to get longer, glossier lashes - naturally

With Valentine's Day a distant memory, it’s time to celebrate the true holiday hero of February. What do you mean it’s not in your diary? It’s National Lash Day of course!  

The quest for voluminous, sky-high lashes seems to have begun at day dot. According to beauty historians, we’ve been trying to maximise our lashes’ fluttering, flirtatious powers since 3400 BC! It was Ancient Egyptian men who kickstarted lash-mania, becoming the first recorded people to use kohl, ointments and brushes to create alluring eyelashes. Not long afterwards, Ancient Egyptian women hopped on the trend with malachite dye – believing it would infuse their lashes with aphrodisiacal powers from the goddess of love!  

Today our lash goals might remain similar, but our methods are infinitely more eco-friendly, safe, and nourishing. To celebrate this lash-tastic day, we’ve put together our top Tropic tips for creating your glossiest, healthiest, longest lashes yet. 

1. Lashings of nourishment 

Treat your lashes to the nourishment they deserve. Our vegan, cruelty-free Fixing Gel Mascara is filled with omega three fatty acids – truly essential for keeping your lashes silky soft and enhancing their natural flexibility. Jojoba oil gently moisturises, while candelilla wax works like a lash conditioner, strengthening each follicle so it can stretch to infinity and beyond, without snapping.  

Our natural formula also contains perky plant peptides to ‘pep up’ the hair cells, stimulate lash growth and increase density over time, so you can get thicker eyelashes, even after you take off your makeup. That’s right – Fixing Gel is in it for the long game. 

The finishing finesse? Vitamin B5. An intense hydrator with an unmatched ability to bond to the hair follicle, B5 adds structure to each strand, creating resilience and elasticity, as well as a naturally glossy, brilliant shine. A weightless volumizer and serious strength booster, vitamin B5 is a cult favourite in hair care… so why wouldn’t we layer it on our lashes, too?  

 2. Layer up, ladies and gents! (Ariana Grande’s makeup artist says so)  

When explaining how the eye-makeup icon gets her notoriously long lashes, Ariana Grande’s makeup artist revealed that it’s all about layers. But we knew that anyway. That’s why we created our Extension Fibres

After your first layer of Fixing Gel, dive back in with a generous coating of nylon fibres from our innovative extension wand. The Extension Fibres will latch onto your mascara, creating a ‘false lash’ look that is truly weightless, damage-free and totally natural (unlike falsies). 

Reapply Fixing Gel on top as the third and final layer – or feel free to go wild by building up as many layers as you like. Remember those active ingredients we mentioned earlier? They’re working overtime here to keep your natural lashes clump-free and streamlined. Really, you won’t believe your eyes.  

3. Keep it clean 

Even though our vegan eyelash products have endlessly moisturising qualities, the days of sleeping in your mascara are well and truly over. Forget that ‘slept in’ smoky eye look from the 90s. In 2022, we all love a 7-step skincare routine to wash away the day – and cleansing is first on the agenda. Just remember to give your eyelashes some extra TLC! Daily eye makeup build-up can cause your lashes to become brittle and dry, stunting growth and prompting breakage. Instead, use a generous squeeze of Smoothing Cleanser, massage your eyelids, and rinse with warm water. Then repeat, using a hot bamboo cloth to gently wipe away any excess mascara and leave your lashes 100 per cent clean.  

The key word here is gentle – if you rub your eyes too vigorously when cleansing, those precious lashes you’ve nourished so carefully can easily fall from grace!  

Ready to treat yourself? It is Lash Day after all!  

Our all-in-one Extension Kit contains every product you need for longer, thicker eyelashes. Available in two colours. Choose natural brown mascara or a glossy black number that would make the Ancient Egyptians jealous. It’s a one-way ticket to hair health and timeless beauty confidence. 


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