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How to: facial tanning with Sun Drops

How to: facial tanning with Sun Drops

Forget that 'just tangoed' look – getting that coveted golden glow couldn't be easier with Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum.  


These intelligent drops, which have been named 'best facial fake tan' by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute,  are the next generation in facial tanning. Packed with plant allo-melanin, which mimics your skin's own melanin, Sun Drops make it easy to create a custom shade for a natural-looking, streak-free finish. Natural caramel extract acts as a guide colour, ensuring you don't miss a spot, while its signature cocktail of nutritious tropical ingredients - think passion fruit, coconut water and aloe vera - brightens and hydrates skin from the very first use.  


For best results, make sure your skin is clean and dry before you begin.

STEP 1 – Grab your favourite moisturiser (Skin Revive, we’re looking at you) and pump a pea-sized amount into the palm of your hand.

STEP 2 – Squeeze the handy pipette to release a few drops of your Sun Drops Serum onto the moisturiser. Two to three drops will reveal a healthy subtle colour, while four to six drops creates a deeper tan. Mix in well to create your custom shade.

STEP 3 – Apply to your entire face, just as you would normally with your everyday moisturiser. Remember to spread all the way down to your neck and décolletage for an all-over natural finish. And, don't forget eyelids, ears and your hairline too for totally even coverage.

TOP TIP – Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.

sun drops how to step by step tutorial with jess beautician

Your tan will develop over the next 10 hours to reveal a perfectly tailored tan. Follow with your usual makeup routine or leave skin bare while Sun Drops gets to work. You’ll notice that your skin looks brighter and more youthful too. That’s all thanks to tropical passion fruit extract delivering a hit of vitamin C.

We recommend making Sun Drops a part of your skincare regime to maintain a beautiful glow all year-long. There’s no need to use everyday, simply use as many drops as you want, as often as you want. It’s time to take control of your tan!  


Did you know? Sun Drops is now Good Housekeeping Institute approved! That’s right, it’s been rigorously tried and tested by their team of beauty experts and came out on top.

‘Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum provided a natural-looking tan and gave a healthy glow to the face without any streaking.’

- Sabaa Hamid, Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Tester  


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