How and when to start looking after your baby's skin

By Victoria Nufer

Gummy half smiles, those adorable wrist rolls, that honeyed scent at the nape of their neck – babies are bliss. And as you adjust to a new world with your bundle of joy, you want to do everything right. From late nights, nose-deep in new parent handbooks to frenzied Google searches, you endeavour to achieve the perfect swaddle, formula measurement, and colic-quelling soundtrack… but what about skincare? When can you start using baby products on your newborn?  

It may seem silly; what baby needs skincare? They don’t have fine lines to target or acne to alleviate, and they certainly don’t have to worry about collagen depletion anytime soon. So, when should it be introduced? Newborn skin comes with a unique set of demands and we’re breaking them down, so you’re confident when caring for it.  

Too much, too soon  

Parenthood is a major milestone, and first-timers have lots of learning to navigate. At Tropic, we decode skincare so you aren’t lost at sea amongst the jargon of the health and beauty industry. We’ve clearly signposted the right time to introduce different products into your baby care routine: Little Roary Baby Oil is suitable for use from birth to deeply nurture and restore resilience in the skin; Little Emy Nappy Cream (our chapped skin and nappy rash nourisher) and Little Joey Baby Washing Milk (both a body wash and shampoo) should be introduced two weeks after birth. According to Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, early skin exposure to certain products may result in allergic reactions, so we recommend using plain water for cleansing your baby when they’re first born, and introducing gentle washes and lotions, like our Little Joey and Emy, a couple of weeks later.   

Go softly 

Delicate. Sensitive. These are words we often associate with newborn skin, and words worth taking note of. It takes around two years for a baby’s skin barrier to fully mature and resemble that of an adult’s, making it less resistant to irritants. This means babies are much more susceptible to reactions, irritations, and conditions like eczema. It’s estimated 60% of people with eczema develop it during their first year of life.  

Our Little Tropic organic baby skincare range is freshly made with this in mind. Each product is dermatologically assessed and approved, paediatrician tested, suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and 100% naturally derived. Rest easy, they’ll bring a gentle touch to fragile skin. Plus, to ensure no exposure to irritants like unnatural pesticides, and to keep things as close to nature as possible (something we believe is paramount to healthy skin), every formulation in the range is COSMOS Organic Certified. This means harvests are grown and products manufactured under strict conditions to ensure the integrity of their nourishing natural ingredients remains.  

The bare necessities   

Skincare in most cases works best when simplified, and never more so than when it comes to your baby. While you may indulge in a ten-step beauty routine, babies need only a few pared-back treasures – it’s why the Little Tropic range is built up of only three basic necessities, featuring the essential ingredients. Our Little Roary is blended with just four of nature’s most caring botanicals because that’s all that baby needs! To make things even easier for new parents, we’ve included the whole lineup in a dedicated Little Heroes Baby Collection, so you have the bare necessities for your baby (plus, our adorable Baby Snood and a storybook).  

New skincare as your baby grows and develops should be brought in slowly and purposefully. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep things as pared-back as possible and, if at any point you are ever concerned, always speak to a professional.   

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