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First things first – all skin types are completely natural. Yours is an innate part of you that won’t suddenly change overnight, and it shouldn’t. That being said, we know that sometimes life in our bodies isn’t always going to be perfect. While our skin types stay the same, our skin’s day-to-day can be full of unpredictable moments or recurring patterns we don’t love, whether it’s the weather or a change in environment that’s having an impact. That’s what our Glow Academy series is here for; to give you the tools to understand your skin type, what’s affecting it, and how to help it to look and feel its very best.

For a skin type as low-key as BALANCED SKIN, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not much to say about it. Think again – we hope you’re ready to become an expert in all things balance...


Balanced skin is the yogi of the beauty world – calm, collected and always in control. This skin type doesn’t call much attention to itself, so oddly if you’ve never really had much cause to consider any skin concerns, it’s a strong sign that you’ve got a complexion in natural equilibrium.

Generally, you’ll find your skin keeps its composure, with flare ups of sensitivity few and far between. Pores will be peeking out, but only just, and while blemishes may make the occasional fly-by visit, inflammation rarely accompanies them.

Moments of oiliness or dry patches aren’t off the table, but they’ll come and go like ships in the night instead of making themselves regular players in your skin story. In fact, nine times out of ten you’ll find that skin looks radiantly healthy and feels smooth to the touch.


You might be thinking ‘this talk of balance is all well and good, but what exactly are we talking about on either side of these Great Scales of Skincare?’. It’s actually all about the body bringing famed foes, oil and water, into natural harmony. The truth is, when it comes to your skin, they’re actually best friends, working in tandem to make sure it’s topped up with all the moisture it could possibly need to up its glow factor to the max. 

When we say oil, we’re not talking about the kind you pop in a frying pan either. This is a fatty substance known as sebum which the body produces itself to keep our skin moisturised. Good old H0 enters the picture from everything that we put into our bodies. There’s the obvious icy cool glass from the tap, but most things we eat will have some form of water content, so we’re constantly topping up our moisture levels without thinking.  

When other skin types experience ups and downs, it always starts with one half of this drenching duo being thrown into discord. Although balanced skin goes through shifts like this far less, it’s still susceptible to the occasional moment of uncertainty. Sudden switch-ups in the weather, whether you’re jetting off to a different climate or the seasons are moving from balmy to brisk, are the most likely cause of these quick about-turns from the norm. A July heatwave can see skin go from smooth to shiny faster than you can say ‘pass the factor 50’, while February frosts wick the moisture from skin to leave parched, dry patches.


  • For your skin type, you want to take a preventative approach by building a reliable routine that will keep your skin on its natural even keel. That means stocking up your beauty basket with the standard trio of skincare essentials – a creamy cleanser, refreshing toner and rich, non-comedogenic moisturiser – plus a broad-spectrum SPF, a gentle exfoliator, and some targeted antioxidant serums for additional hydration. 
  • Even when you stick to your glow-getting routine 24/7, your skin will still have the occasional unexpected left turn. Don’t panic! All you need is to adapt. If oiliness is becoming more noticeable, clarify your complexion with a clay or charcoal-based face mask to absorb any excess sebum. When flaky dryness makes a sudden appearance, throw on a hydrating, soothing mask and avoid hot showers and baths for a few days, as these can dry skin out further.
  • Thirsty cells? Not on your watch! Give your body all the water it needs to keep its balanced glow on the go by drinking eight glasses a day. We know, we know, sometimes sauntering over to the sink isn’t exactly front of mind with everything else we’re up to in our daily lives but if you know you’re lax when it comes to getting your hit of hydration, set an alarm every 90 minutes to remind yourself.
  • Like we told you, as long as whatever you’re eating is natural, you’re going to be getting some additional H0 in your system. Why not really push the boat out by raiding the fresh produce aisle for foods so packed with water they’re practically buoyant? Cucumber (96 per cent water) – in the basket! Tomatoes (95 per cent water) – take two packets! With mushrooms, melon, oranges and more on the aqua A-list, the future of your balancing care is looking tasty...
  • You’ve got a good thing going with your skin type, so try not to take any unnecessary risks with harsh products that strip the skin of oils and contain irritating ingredients like alcohol or fragrance. It’s likely that your skin is more than able to handle them, but it’s best to avoid the possibility of throwing it off balance wherever you can. 



Look out for skincare which features..

Hyaluronic acid – Flooding the skin with moisture, it’s the perfect middle ground for balanced skin in the event of any unexpected ‘skinarios’ as it hydrates dry patches while keeping oiliness at a minimum.

Vitamin C – Brightening, hydrating, protective against the sun, an anti-inflammatory...we could go on, but you get the idea. This multi-purpose all-rounder is a blessing for balanced skin!

Niacinamide – A form of vitamin B3, it stays hard at work helping to strengthen skin’s natural lipid layer which is essential for keeping in moisture. 


Does balanced skin get spots? We hate to break it to you, but spots leave no skin type untouched! Given that they appear as a result of excess sebum clogging pores, it’s likely to be the case that someone with balanced skin won’t see them appear as frequently as someone with oily skin, but breakouts are just another rite of passage for all of us that can’t really be avoided. As long as you stick with your regular routine, you’ll be banishing blemishes in no time.

Should I use eye cream on balanced skin? Absolutely! Even the calmest complexion requires a little extra TLC for the sensitive eye area, as the skin here is the thinnest on our whole face. As it’s more delicate, it’s also one of the first places to show signs of ageing, especially as the muscles here are so active. With every blink and glance, we’re putting this skin through its paces, so applying a lightweight topical moisturiser every day helps to keep it at its plump, brightened best.

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