Ever wondered why you’re developing spots between your eyebrows after a big night, or breaking out around your chin area during that time of the month? Well, there’s a reason for everything – and the ancient art of Face Mapping can help you decode the patterns.   

Our skin is incredible. It’s part of our identity and can signify who we are. However, maintaining skin health can be puzzling – full of twists and turns and irregular outbursts we just can’t make sense of. Ever wondered why you’re experiencing blemishes on your forehead after a night out on the tiles, or around your chin during that time of the month?  Well, everything from hormones, lifestyle, diet and stress can determine where blemishes creep up. These factors can amplify the immunological response to the body’s hormone levels, which in turn stimulate the over-production of sebum (excess oil) and lead to all kinds of skin expressions, from chin blackheads to shiny foreheads.  

‘Face mapping’ is a 3000-year-old Chinese concept that believes that our skin, namely, our outer complexion, reflects our internal health. It suggests that congestion, blemishes, acne and inflammation all naturally occur – and can be ‘mapped’ to corresponding parts of the body. In this Glow Academy lesson, we’re practicing the ancient art to decode these ‘face mapping’ zones, provide tips to help you treat oily, stressed-out skin, and help you recognise your body’s perfectly normal and natural imbalances – to ensure you always feel empowered.  


Often linked to gut health, a surge in forehead spots can signal irritation in the bladder or digestive system. These spots may appear after a weekend of over-indulging in dairy, sugar or rich, fast foods. Try drinking as much water and green tea as possible to flush out any nasty toxins, because a happy gut means a happy (and healthy) complexion.  

You’ll be surprised how much we fidget and faff with our skin and hair. Avoid touching your forehead or hairline, as poor gut health can stimulate excess oil production in the hair follicles causing build-up of bacteria. Our Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum is a great solution to combat forehead flare-ups. It’s packed with prebiotics (key for a healthy gut) to feed good bacteria and rebalance the microbiome! 

Between the brows 

Not the easiest to hide, we’ll admit. These mini eruptions are linked to the liver, so if you enjoy 2-4-1 mojitos (like most of us do), take note. After a boozy night, your skin takes a hit, depleting essential nutrients and moisture. Try reducing your consumption of refined sugars and salt – fresh, home-cooked meals and water are key to getting back on track. Healthy nutrition and hydration always holds the key to restoring and brightening your skin, in both ancient and modern medicine.

If you want to speed up the repair process, let our salicylic acid-infused New Horizons Blemish-clearing Mask get to work. Use as a quick fix for 10-20 minutes, or as an overnight treatment. 


Blemishes around the cheeks and nose are associated with the lungs and heart, indicating that you might be run down. However, your phone could also be the mastermind behind breakouts. Due to regular use and consequently a warm environment, our phones carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat and are considered one of the filthiest items we use daily! Clean your screen every 2-3 days to eradicate any unpleasant germs.  

If you’ve noticed spots appearing on the left side of your cheek, cooling foods like melon and cucumber can prevent further blemishes, according to traditional Chinese medicine. While these types are connected to your liver, spots on the right side correspond to the lungs. Over indulgence in fast food, sugar, wine and seafood can activate these kinds, so try to steer clear of treats and up your intake of vegetables, nuts and omega-3-rich foods — apply 3-6 drops of our Elixir Radiance-boosting Omega Oil for an extra boost. 

Chin and jawline 

Not only are the emotional aspects of hormones taxing, but the physical effects are challenging to treat, particularly for women. Periods, pregnancy and some contraception cause androgens to over-produce sebum which clogs pores and triggers hormonal acne. Add a water-activated cleanser into your routine, like our Clear Slate Deep Cleansing Powder to break down dirt and impurities. Spearmint tea and omega-3 foods can also ease inflammation and redness. If you’re really struggling with hormonal acne, give your doctor a call for the best treatment advice.   

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