To all the amazing women that help make Tropic what is is today, whether that's our customers, Ambassadors or even staff at HQ, we want to wish you an empowering International Women's Day.


As we continue to celebrate today, we are beginning to look at the International Women's Day's 2020 focus of #EachForEqual, and how we at Tropic are taking strides to tackle gender inequality in education.
When it comes to education, the gender gap is still very pronounced all over the world, and together with United World Schools, we're striving towards better opportunities for all.

Did you know? 

Globally there are 32 million primary-age girls out of school, and UNESCO report that girls are more likely to never enter primary school than boys.
Quite simply, education for girls matters.
A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive
past the age of 5, and attending school can inspire ambition, preventing girls from marrying young and starting families at an early age.

Instead, education can give girls improved job opportunities and the chance for higher lifetime earnings, allowing them to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty for themselves, their families and their communities.
Education gives women a voice, meaning they can step up and get involved in politics, empowering other women around them.

Girls’ education benefits us all.

Empowerment through Education

Our charity partnership with United World Schools (UWS) launched in September 2019, whereby every purchase contributes towards funding school days for children in remote areas of Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. 
Every collective £50 spent on Tropic products contributes one full school day, and so far over 500,000 days have been funded, allowing us to open our first school - fully funded by the partnership - in Ta Lart Thmey, North-East Cambodia.

Until now, the nearest school was a three-and-a-half-hour walk away, but now the whole community is benefitting from classrooms, teachers, a library, working toilets and running water. For these children, their futures are looking brighter already.
For pupils in particularly remote areas, United World Schools are also providing the means to access possible secondary schools, which are still too far away to walk each day. In Cambodia, UWS have built dormitory blocks next to the school to make access a reality. Girls are also provided with period products to ensure menstruation doesn’t ever make them miss a class.

Since 2008, United World Schools have enrolled more than 15,000 girls into education, and you, our customers and our Ambassadors are helping to ensure that many more girls and boys will continue to enroll across remote areas in these countries.
 Looking and feeling good can do good too. Together, by teaching the unreached, we can drive positive change.


Thank you for helping us to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. 

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