Wedding makeup: bridal top tips from the experts

Just like your wedding dress, your bridal makeup should be uniquely tailored to you. But before you say ‘I do’ to your big-day look, we’re here with the top tips that every bride needs to know.

Ah, weddings. Whether you’ve meticulously planned every aspect of your big day since childhood, or have found yourself lost in a flurry of dress-hunting, venue-searching, and guest-list-selecting, the chances are you’re still looking for your perfect makeup look.

Well, don’t panic. Our in-house makeup specialists, Mica Benjamin and Ryn Zhan, are here to make bridal beauty a breeze. They’ll be spilling their top tips for feeling like your most gorgeous self on your big day, before revealing the makeup must-haves every bride needs. So, shall we get started?

Do your research

Believe it or not, those hours you spend scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest aren’t wasted at all - they’re ‘research’. Yep, looking at as many different makeup looks as possible is one of the best ways to find inspiration for your big day. Like and save any looks that appeal to you, and you’ll have a selection to try out before the day!

Better still, we’ve rounded up the prettiest wedding makeup looks for every type of bride in our Makeup Looks Collection. So, have a flick through, we’re sure you’ll fall head over heels!

Get experimenting

Your upcoming nuptials are the perfect excuse to get glammed up at home and recreate all of your shortlisted looks. Take notice of how they make you feel: if you want to wipe it all off after a few minutes, you’ll know it’s not the right look for you, but if you feel comfortable and confident, you’ve probably struck gold.

Consider your outfit

They say ‘you just know’ when you find the right dress, and that’s how your bridal makeup should feel too. If you’ve already said yes to the dress, go for makeup that pulls the whole look together. For instance, an ultra-glam ball gown, classic cat-eye, and signature red lip is an undeniable trio that just works. But if you’ve chosen a more minimalist outfit – think simple slip dress or chic jumpsuit – a barely-there aesthetic might work best. 

Find your perfect (foundation) match

Your wedding will probably be the most photographed day of your life, so you’ll want to make sure your face is the same colour as your neck. It could make for a pretty frustrating wedding album otherwise!

Thanks to Tropic’s wide range of Beauty Booster and Mineral Foundation shades, you’ll have no trouble finding a great match for your skin tone. You can thank us later!

Go water-resistant

Your secret weapon on your big day? Water-resistant everything! Our water-resistant, longwearing Fixing Gel Mascara is something of a wedding essential. Plus, not only can our award-winning Silk Gel Liner be used to frame the eyes, but it also makes for a durable eyeshadow base. So, no matter how many happy tears are shed, you’ll know your makeup isn’t going anywhere.

Create a bridal makeup palette

As your big day goes on, you might want to touch up your makeup or add a little extra pizazz for the evening. Our top tip? Create a customised, on-the-go Colour Palette. With over 70 product options and 50 billion combinations, you might be wondering where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got Mica and Ryn to do the hard work for you!

“We’d recommend choosing Colour Palette C and filling the large pan with a Make It Matte Setting Powder. This will help to ensure your makeup looks flawless and shine-free until the very last dance (or drink!)”.

“As the light gets dimmer in the evenings, it’s the perfect time to intensify the wash of colour on your face. Fill one of the medium pans with Blush Crush Cream Colour so that you could dab on a little extra radiance with your fingertips (no brushes required)”.

“In the Palette’s other medium pan, we’d opt for our Undercover Cream Concealer. Panda eyes are a real risk at a wedding, and one we’re not willing to take! So, a quick swipe of concealer under the eyes, with a light dusting of setting powder, will help to prevent any patchiness or smudging and ensure maximum wear".

“We’d reserve one of the palette’s two small trays for my chosen Kiss Me Quick Lipstick. As the kisses (and drinks) keep coming, you don’t want to be left with just the outline of your leftover lipstick. Our advice? Keep your pout looking perfect by putting some of your lipstick on your Eco Artist Lip Brush and closing the cap. Then, it’ll be locked away and ready for when you need a quick and easy top up”.

“Our bridal palette just wouldn’t be complete without a shimmery Eyes On You Pressed Shadow, so no prizes for guessing which product claims our final small pan! When we replace natural daylight with fairy lights, candles, and disco balls, we want to ensure our eyes remain as mesmerising and glamorous as they were earlier in the day (if not more!). Just gently pat some shadow onto your lids to reignite those sparkly pigments. After all, you want all eyes on you!”.

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