Beauty on the go: how to pack the perfect travel bag

There are certain items of skincare that we simply cannot live without. However, when travelling, it’s quite normal for us to misplace or even forget things, especially if we’re in a rush.  

We all love a spontaneous holiday. The excitement of choosing a random destination and packing up with a moment’s notice; the thoughts of day trips you’ll have, food you’ll taste, and people you’ll meet. There’s no feeling like it.  

Of course, it’s impossible to pack your entire suite of beauty products into a suitcase, let alone a carry on. This means you’ll have to be ruthless and prioritise what you take with you.  

While different destinations may alter your skin’s needs, there are a select few products that we couldn’t leave behind. After all, the last thing you’ll want to do is rely on your hotel-provided moisturiser to give your skin the same treatment it knows and loves. 

Here, we’ve created a list of travel beauty essentials to help you build the ultimate grab-and-go beauty bag, no matter where you’re headed.


For us (and many others), a good moisturiser is the backbone of any skincare routine. Packed full of nutrients and formulated in a silky-smooth texture, the difference between good and bad skin health can all rely on the quality of your moisturiser. 

Moisturiser is something we wouldn’t leave the home without, let alone the country. Different locations have differing climates, all of which can have a profound impact on our skin’s health. That’s why we always recommend bringing a moisturiser that can restore order to your skin.  

Our Fresh Waves Balancing Moisturiser is the perfect fit for this scenario. It provides a strong balance between smoothness and hydration, an ideal choice for unpredictable weather.

SPF sunscreen

Lack of sunscreen has been known to ruin many a holiday. Venturing out in the scorching heat to only find yourself back in the hotel about an hour later with painful burns is never ideal. And, we’ve all seen someone with a bright red face and goggle marks after hitting the ski slopes with no protection from the icey glare.  

That’s why we always pack a sunscreen with a medium-high SPF rating around the 30-50 range. At this stage, your skin will receive adequate protection from ultraviolet light, without feeling too heavy and sticky.  

There are many options available in our sun care range at Tropic, all of which fill a specific purpose. For protecting your face, Sun Day is what you need, while our Great Barrier Sun Lotion defends the rest of your body.

Facial mist 

In a hot climate, our skin can really suffer. Dry heat can sap our pores of moisture, whereas damp heat can introduce too much of it. But thankfully, there is a saviour: facial mist.  

Whether you’re roasting in a hotel room or sitting among hundreds of passengers on a sweaty train, a quick spritz from a facial mist is enough to both cool you down and give your skin a hydration boost. Ideally applied before your moisturiser, facial mists help calm your skin by introducing antioxidants and vitamins to restore its natural glow.  

Our favourite choice for this is Morning Mist. It’s packed with organic ingredients that help rejuvenate your skin when it needs it most. 


Illuma Light-Diffusing Concealer

With makeup, touch-ups are a necessity. After a day of travel or sightseeing, it’s likely that minor blemishes can become exaggerated. A good concealer is an essential back home, never mind on holiday. 

Ideal for slight corrections before settling into a relaxing evening, keeping a tube of concealer nearby helps avoid having to apply a full face of makeup in sometimes sweaty, humid conditions. 

Eye cream 

An unfortunate side effect of travel is the unavoidable fatigue. From travelling to the airport to dealing with delays, our eyes have a lot to cope with. While you could splash some water on your face, this is only ever a temporary fix. Instead, having a dependable eye cream to take with you is a much more effective option for your precious eyes. 

The skin surrounding our eyes is delicate, much more than the rest of our face. When in constant contact with sunlight or even cold weather, this skin can become compromised, leaving it much more prone to wrinkles.  

Eye Work accomplishes all this restoration with ease. Made with certified organic ingredients, it soothes, moisturises, and brightens the skin while passing on a boost of vitamin C.


Eyeshadow is extremely versatile. Not only can it be used for its intended purpose of colouring your eyelids but, in a pinch, a neutral-toned palette could be used as a makeshift eyeliner, or to fill in your eyebrows.  

If you plan on doing this, it’s important to look for adaptable tones that both complement your complexion and match your hair colour. While this can be a challenge, it’ll potentially lighten the load of your makeup bag, something that cannot be overlooked while travelling.  

Thankfully, to help you find that elusive shade, we offer a variety of colours in our Eyes On You range. From dark purples to silvery whites, there’s a perfect match waiting for you. 

How to pack skincare for travel

With your list of products fully arranged, you now need to tackle the practical side of travel: packing.  

If you’re in a rush, the temptation can be to just throw everything in a bag and get on with your day, but it helps to take just a couple of minutes to organise things and ensure your products are as safe as you.  

The rule of thumb is to pack anything in a glass container with some additional padding. Wrapping things in towels or socks is great for this, as it can help avoid accidentally smashed glass while on your journey. 

For plastic containers, you can either decant the product into smaller bottles (remember liquids in flight hand luggage should be no more than 100ml), or place them into a plastic bag before storing in your travel kit. 

On the subject of travel bags, you’ll want something that is durable enough to withstand the constant movement of travel and padded enough to keep your products safe. Our White Cosmetics Bag, for example, comes with a metal frame for added rigidity, and a flat base that can be easily stacked on top of your existing luggage. 

Holiday-approved skincare awaits

With your beauty essentials packed, all that’s left is to relax.  

You can find all these beauty must-haves right here on our website. 

We’re committed to your skin, and only use top-quality ingredients and packaging to make your skincare routine both effective and fulfilling. Browse our entire selection of beauty products in our online store, today. 

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