Our Stories: We sit down with some Tropic Ambassadors

We’re back and better than ever, but with Pampers starting to pop up on the social calendar, we’re keen to hear from our front liners about how it feels to be an Ambassador, and what their futures look like with Tropic.

Lauren White, Ambassador

In the front seat of her estate car in the suburbs of North Wales, February 2022, a woman checks her makeup in her rear-view mirror. Feeling flushed and warm with nerves (but, she’s relieved to see, not looking it) Lynda Szekely takes a deep breath as she steps out of her car to the sound of muffled laughter. Two years of virtual connections and wifi wobbles have robbed her of this ritual, but as soon as she opens the door to a full house of smiles and excitement, she slips straight back into her exuberant self. “Let’s Pamper!”

As I sat down for my interviews with this vibrant, infectiously friendly and welcoming group, I asked them to set the scene for me, to invite me into moments in their day that make them proud to be a Tropic Ambassador.

“I always wanted to get some skincare products involved in my sports therapy business, and I have a little outbuilding in my garden for treatments, so when I met one of my local Ambassadors and tried some products she had with her, I knew it was a sign.”


I wanted to understand how it feels to run a Pamper, to provide solutions to skin queries out in the field, first hand. What I found was that the most rewarding, soul-nourishing experiences were spent with or talking to their community of other Ambassadors – the constant thread, woven through the fabric of all of these stories, is that it’s each other that makes the experience so special. 

In Essex, Claire’s excitedly fidgeting from foot to foot as she watches the responses roll in for her first fully-booked, face-to-face Pamper. “If you could bottle that feeling,” she ponders. “A concoction of effervescent excitement with a healthy dose of anticipation mixed in. I’d hand it out to anyone interested in being an Ambassador and – like the products – they’d squeeze out and soak up as much as they could in one go, eager eyed and smiles wide. The buzz that unboxing the products at a Pamper creates is intoxicating! I love the level of convenience that online sales bring, but nothing beats the rush of really connecting in someone’s home.”


Selma Roscoe-Jenkinson, Daniella Sacco, and Lisa Campbell

In South West London, as our interviewees sit for their headshots, we overhear them chatting about which bits of the Tropic experience bring them the most joy.

“The crazy part is that you can fill a room with your friends and family, smell the formulations, soothe each other’s skin and enjoy an evening of relaxation and relationship building, then pack up your Pamper kit and call it a day’s work,” explains Kavita Patel, Team Ambassador.


Selma Roscoe-Jenkinson, Ambassador

On a warm, orange-hued evening in The Wirrall, Alice Bidston tucks her daughter tightly into bed and places a kiss on her cheek. Kit bag heavy with tinkering glass bottles and keys in hand, she pounds the pavement towards the garden Pamper she’s been planning, the promise of a good night tickling the air. Doors are closing shut all around the UK on this balmy evening – some gently and quietly, so as not to disturb the precious sleep of young children, some slammed with excitement and vigour, while venturing out into the fresh, hopeful sunset air.

Ambassadors from all walks of life step together tonight, although they may not even know it, united in solidarity and striding towards the same single mission – to share wisdom about these natural, nourishing products, to nurture their skills as a business leader, and to simply enjoy an escape from the distraction of daily life. 

 “The best thing I’ve gained from Tropic is a whole new network of women with kind hearts, smart minds and shining souls who encourage and celebrate each other – Tropic is an oasis of light, positivity and fun in our lives!”  


In many ways, our Ambassadors aren’t just the face of the Tropic brand; they’re the caring arms that reach out and envelop our customers, the sturdy legs that carry us towards our Infinite Purpose, and the beating heart that spreads our passion and products far and wide. This is an ode to them, an opportunity for us to show them some love and shout from the rooftops about how special they are, as they so often do for us.


 Lisa Moore,  Ambassador

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