Stress affects nearly everyone, so if you're feeling unsettled or anxious right now, you're definitely not alone, especially in these changing times.  We’ve rounded up a few of our top tips on how to destress, which we hope will leave you feeling a little happier, healthier, and more relaxed. 


We all know the saying, but did you know that laughter can not only boost your mood but also reduce your stress levels almost instantly. From snuggling up, putting on your favourite comedy and laughing till your cheeks hurt, to having a stifled giggle with a friend at work during a serious presentation - or video call - laughter is fun, easy and free. What are you waiting for?


Simply putting on your favourite song can reduce your stress levels by up to 65% - giving you a rush of serotonin, the mood-stabilizing hormone. A recent study revealed the most relaxing song in the world (yes, there's a real study on this) is Marconi Union’s Weightless. Plug in your headphones and chill out to these soothing tones. 


Is the best part of your day returning home to be greeted with slobbery puppy kisses? Well, you’re definitely on to something, as cuddling your pet significantly reduces levels of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, and increases oxytocin, linked to relaxation and happiness. Even watching your goldfish do tank laps has been shown to chill you out.


In the same way that smelling overcooked roast dinner and strong tea immediately take you back to your grandparent’s house, certain smells can lull you into relaxation (nicer smells, mostly). One of our favourites is the elegant neroli scent, known for its sedative properties and shown to reduce both blood pressure and cortisol levels. Opt for neroli-infused Awaken the Senses Luxury Body Oil to not only nourish your skin but your mind and soul too - wherever you go. 


We know that regular exercise may seem like a distant dream, what with the change to your normal routine, but it’s no secret that it’s one of the best things you can do for your body. From reducing the risk of disease to releasing endorphins that immediately lower your stress levels, even 5 minutes of aerobic exercise can bring anxiety down, and the more the better. With a whole array of at-home workouts at our fingertips, we can finally pull our VERY expensive trainers out of the box we bought them in six months ago, and get started. 


It seems that over 70% of us in the UK are still chasing that elusive 8 hours a night, and the number of us getting good quality sleep has decreased dramatically in recent years. Pretty much every expert agrees that a good night’s sleep can make you feel happy, positive and more productive, and if that isn’t worth a go we don’t know what is! Try turning off your devices (we know, but it helps, trust us), spritzing your pillow with So Sleepy Pillow Mist, getting into bed early and keeping your room dark and quiet.

We hope these tips help and would love to know how you get on if you do give any a try. Have any tips of your own on how to de-stress? Tweet us @TropicSkinCare or head over to our Facebook page to let us know!

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