Ah, the bamboo cloth. The ultimate cleansing companion. The warm, cushioning cuddle your face didn’t know it needed after a long day of work (whatever that may look like). The ideal way to relax a brow forever furrowed in concentration, to soothe the muscles used to smile at every customer or colleague or courier that knocks on the door. This fine piece of fabric provides the ultimate calming component of any healthy bedtime ritual or morning wake up call, but have you ever thought of what else this little cloth of bamboo could do for you?

The most important thing to remember is that the curtain doesn’t close on the life cycle of your Bamboo Face Cloth once its three months of skin soaking are up – there are plenty of opportunities for an encore. 

This article is a showcase of the talents that your cloth can bring to your skincare routine, and guide to help you utilise it long after it leaves your cast of bathroom cabinet heroes.


When it comes to flawless skin, the cleanliness of your tools is vital, so we advise that you replace your cloth every three months. To get the most out of your fresh cloth in those first few months of use gently hand wash and thoroughly rinse it twice a week with mild soap, before wringing out any excess water. To avoid it staying damp, hang your cloth in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area in between uses.


When it comes to dynamic duos, your Bamboo Face Cloth and Smoothing Cleanser are the Ant and Dec of the skincare scene. The oil-based formulation in the cleanser melts away dirt, pollution, SPF and makeup before your cloth gently exfoliates the skin, buffing away any residual oil.

To use the cloth as part of your cleansing routine, place it under warm water and wring out all of the excess liquid. Place the warm cloth over your face to warm and soften your pores, then gently massage away your cleanser with the cloth to reveal soft, polished skin underneath.


While leaning over the pan of pasta you’re cooking might spark a similarly steamy sensation for your face, using a Bamboo Face Cloth might be a more effective (and slightly safer) option.

If you want to emulate a spa-like steam session in your bathroom, fill your sink with warm water and soak your bamboo cloth in it. After wringing it out so that it’s still damp, keep the cloth over your face for 1-2 minutes (or until it starts to get cold) and repeat the process 2-3 times. 

Not only will the steam work to open your pores and loosen up any dirt, but simply taking a moment to concentrate on the warm cloth and regulate your breathing can allow you to unwind and relax.


When our once plump lips are kissed by the colder weather, it can be easy to accept their cracked and chapped fate for the rest of the frosty season. But, as winter welcomes us further into its icy arms, we think it’s important to have a plan for protecting that pout.

Although investing in a good lip balm should have your lips looking pillowy soft in no time, your Bamboo Face Cloth is a great place to start when it comes to buffing away dead skin cells. While your lips are clean and product-free, rub them with a warm, wet cloth in gentle circular motions until the skin feels smooth. 

We also have a little skincare secret for you, but you’ll have to keep your lips sealed! Here at Tropic HQ we love to use our Eye Dream as a lip balm – the bio-retinol helps to stimulate collagen production and leaves our smiles feeling silky soft.


Your Bamboo Face Cloth may be an exfoliating expert, but it shouldn’t be made redundant after a mere three months in the spotlight. So, after you’ve wrung its capabilities dry as a face cloth, it might just be high time for a tiny career change.


The uniquely soft fibres in our Bamboo Face Cloths make them the perfect non-abrasive apparatus for gently dusting your softwoods and surfaces. Before you start your dust-busting, it’s vital to allow your cloth to dry properly – ideally on a radiator or a windy washing line – to ensure the fibres aren’t still wet and allow for the glossiest shine.


Has watching The Crown made you desperate to achieve Queenie’s perfectly pruned royal ringlets? Or perhaps you’ve been pining after the (slightly subtler) beachy waves of Blake Lively or J-Lo or SJP? Well, to rock a full head of curls or even achieve some faintly undulated post blow-out locks (all without the heat damage) your old Bamboo Face Cloths might be the answer.

Simply cut the cloth into 8 inch by 4 inch strips, comb or brush your hair and dampen it with a little water (not too much). Part your hair into even sections according to how many ringlets you want to create, curl the bottom of each strand around the rag of cloth and keep twisting the hair as high up as you’d like your curl to go. Knot the strips of Bamboo Face Cloth so they don’t fall out and wear them under a shower cap overnight to prevent them from coming loose – by morning you should have some wonderfully twirly tresses tumbling about your face. 


Our Bamboo Face Cloths are an optional part of your Smoothing Cleanser order, so simply opting out of receiving one can prevent them from piling up at home. This is great for us too, as adjusting our supply to meet more accurate demands allows us to be more climate conscious. As we pride ourselves on sending 0 waste to landfill, it’s important to us to share resources and information enabling more brands and consumers to do the same. Let’s work together towards our Infinite Purpose of helping to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

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