Vitamin E

What is Vitamin E?

While its name implies just one vitamin, Vitamin E is actually a group of fat-soluble nutrients found in foods like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E helps to protect cells from free radical damage and promotes healthy bodily functioning, but it also boasts a whole host of skin-nourishing benefits when applied topically through skincare.

What are the benefits?

Vitamin E is naturally found in our skin’s sebum (oil). Acting as a protective barrier, it helps to maintain skin moisture levels while preventing damage from environmental aggressors.
As an antioxidant, vitamin E mainly works to banish free radicals from the surface of the skin. The result? Skin that stays soft, calm and hydrated. We’re talking reduced itchiness, less visible fine lines, and soothed sunburn.

How do we use it?

Nourish, protect, and plump your skin with our vitamin E-enriched skincare, body care, and makeup.
From our cult Smoothing Cleanser to our Elixir and Body Love, it’s never been easier to incorporate this health-enhancing vitamin into your self-care routine.

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