Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant famed for its brightening abilities. Used across a variety of skincare products, it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, restore evenness, and revive dull, lifeless skin.
Favoured by dermatologists, vitamin C has been in use in skincare for decades thanks to its clinically-tested array of benefits.

What are the benefits?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it defends against free radicals. Stemming from UV sunlight, polluted air and even stress, free radicals can wreak havoc on our skin – but we can prevent such damage by adding this antioxidant into our routines.

When used in topical natural serums and creams, vitamin C gets to work undoing sun damage, repairing patchy pigmentation, smoothing skin texture, stimulating collagen production, and lifting away dark spots to reveal a bright and gleaming complexion.

Plus, putting vitamin C in your skincare is a long term investment, as it shields from further deterioration and boosts your skin’s overall strength and resilience against pollution.

How do we use it?

At Tropic, we’ve harnessed the brightening powers of vitamin C across our natural skincare range, from our Glow Berry to our Look Good.

Application instructions will vary depending on the product you choose, so be sure to always review the instructions provided.

A top tip from our biochemists? store your vitamin C products in a cool, dark place (or in the fridge) to ensure they stay fresh, stable, and effective for as long as possible.

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