Our Pledge: Halving All Virgin Plastic by 2023

To kickstart 2022, we’ve made a big, ambitious pledge. We’re going to reduce virgin plastic by 50 per cent across our facial skincare range. And we’ll celebrate every little win along the way. 

Plastic is helpful in getting our freshly made, tropical treats to your door safely and efficiently. It’s a low carbon footprint option compared to other materials and we’ve made sure that the majority of our plastic packaging is widely recyclable. But now, we want to go the extra mile. We’re going back to the source and changing up our relationship with virgin plastics, creating a future-proof manufacturing model we can rely on. 

What on earth is virgin plastic? 

Virgin plastic is newly made plastic resin that doesn’t contain recycled materials. Around two-thirds of all virgin plastic ever produced is released into the environment, where it upsets our natural wildlife and ecosystems. Eight million pieces of plastic reach the ocean daily and 269,000 tonnes float on the water surface. 

At Tropic, we want to keep the plastics we already have in a circular loop system and out of the environment. To do this, we’ve lined up a series of actions that will reduce the use of virgin plastics and push us ever closer to our Infinite Purpose of creating a healthier, greener, more empowered world. 

Keeping plastics out of the picture 

Plastic for life 

You’ve heard of bags for life, so why not bottles for life? Rather than produce more plastic, we want to use post-consumer recycled plastic – that’s pre-loved plastic to you and I – wherever possible. To do this, we’ll continue to offer refill options for all serums and oils in our facial skincare range – meaning you can keep your trusty pipettes and simply refill when it’s time to reorder your favourite skincare treat! And don’t forget our Returns Recycle Scheme, which recycles your plastic empties to repurpose them into new plastic products. 

Progressive packaging 

We’ll continue to rethink how we design and package products, so that unnecessary single-use plastic stays out of the picture. Your skincare essentials will arrive to you in 100 per cent recyclable parcels, as we’ve substituted traditional plastic tape for a special gummed paper containing vegetable glue. What’s more, we always use recyclable paper fill instead of traditional bubble wrap – less interactive, but more planet-protective! 

Product  technology 

When it comes to innovative product technology, we’re still amazed that our refillable colour palette has prevented 15 tonnes of plastic waste from going to landfill, in comparison with our previous range. Inventions like our naturally-compostable Bamboo Buds that accompany the Ocean Dive serum constantly inspire us to ‘think around’ virgin plastic. 

We put so much time into consciously creating our natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, it only makes sense to put the same energy into its conscious, plastic-free casing too! 

The bottom line: progress over perfection 

We’re constantly adapting, rethinking and striving towards our Infinite Purpose of creating a healthier, greener, more empowered world. Thank you for coming on this plastic pilgrimage with us! Stay tuned to hear about our progress and in the meantime, rest easy in the knowledge that we’re always adapting and evolving new technologies that are kind to your skin, and to the planet too.

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