As ever, we’re looking to East Asian skincare secrets for exfoliation inspiration, but how can we bring rejuvenated skin into our own at-home regimes?

When it comes to pampering, nothing feels quite as luxurious and as instantly gratifying as physical exfoliation. While some of us have more steps in our daily skincare routine than on our pedometers while working from home, exfoliating acts as a humble reminder that a true at-home spa experience is only a good scrub and a warm bath away. 

Massaging our Body Smooth Refreshing Polish – filled with natural salts and moisture-rich oils – into the skin to remove debris and dead skin cells at the end of a long week feels like a natural reset button, renewing even the most neglected far-off corners of the body. Your skin, in turn, pays you back with a soft, smooth and even-toned glow. You’ll reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs (for those of us who partake in hair removal) and increase cell-turnover, keeping only the healthiest skin cells at the surface. 

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, dermatologists claim that regular exfoliation stimulates collagen production for healthier skin, and can even combat body acne. So, with all of the toil we put our bodies through day-to-day, it only feels fair to fortify our greatest shield with a good old polish, to keep it feeling as refreshed and renewed as possible.

In Korean personal hygiene culture, regular exfoliation is pinned as a non-negotiable essential – it’s not reserved as an additional luxury for skincare fanatics, or a hurried task of labour after receiving an email reminder for your wax at the weekend. Korean skincare philosophy understands that routinely sloughing off dirt and dead skin cells goes beyond a surface-level body wash, getting the very best out of your skin.

Korean bathhouses boast full-body exfoliation treatments using a plethora of tools including mitts, cloths and brushes to give you a thorough body polish. Clients leave feeling lighter and suitably replenished by natural oils, which are carefully applied to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. It’s no wonder the rest of the skincare world has followed suit, with exfoliation tools claiming their rightful place as staples in dermatologically-guided body-care routines.

Our Exfoliating Mitt is the perfect sustainable at-home exfoliating tool in lieu of authentic Korean spas. Unlike body scrubs alone, the mitt affords you precision and care to ensure you’re really buffing out all areas of the body, and can be used for up to six months before replacement is recommended. On dry skin, use firm but gentle circular motions on any area of the body, before washing off debris in the shower or bath to unlock your silky smooth skin beneath. Follow with the Perfect Skin Resurfacing Body Lotion (applied with your hands) to rehydrate for maximum shine, or the Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse to truly boost your glow.

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