Woman holding a makeup colour palette, applying bronzer product to a makeup brush

50 Million Combinations. 1 Zero Waste Palette.

Custom Makeup Palette

Completely customisable, totally recyclable, and infinitely refillable, our Colour Palette is redefining makeup. 

With millions of cosmetic combinations to choose from, you can create a personalised makeup palette to switch up and reuse forever.  

Unlock true beauty freedom.

Product Pans

Our product pans come in three sizes, so you can build a palette that ticks all your boxes. For instance, you might opt for a small eye shadow, a medium blusher, and a large bronzer within your combination, depending on the products you reach for most.

Check out the key below to see which cosmetics are available in which sizes.

  • Small Pan Options

      • Eyebrow makeup texture
      • Eyebrows

      • Eyeshadow texture
      • Eyeshadows

  • Medium Pan Options

      • Concealer texture
      • Concealer

      • Blusher texture
      • Blusher

      • Highlighter texture
      • Highlighter

      • Contour texture
      • Contour

      • Bronzer texture
      • Bronzer

  • Large Pan Options

      • Concealer texture
      • Concealer

      • Blusher texture
      • Blusher

      • Bronzer texture
      • Bronzer

      • Setting powder texture
      • Setting Powder

Case Configuration

There are four Colour Palette Case configurations to choose from, depending on the size of the pans you’d like to include. 

If you’ve selected lots of small pans, then you’ll likely opt for combination A or B. If you’ve got your eyes on more medium and large pans, then combination C and D will work best.  

How It Works

Your pocket-sized makeup counter is just three simple steps away.

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    case configuration
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    your cosmetics
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