Vitamin C: A spotlight on bright, healthy skin

Renowned for warding off colds and boosting immunity, vitamin C is also legendary when it comes to rescuing tired, dull skin and restoring a healthy glow. Want to get in on the action? Keep reading to take a step in the bright direction.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, required for the growth and repair of all tissues in the body. It’s vital for cellular health, but we cannot produce it on our own! Fortunately, we can find it naturally in fruits and vegetables – which is why we've been encouraged to eat oranges and broccoli since we were tots!

What does it do for the skin?

Vitamin C is a high-achieving, glow-getting skin saviour because it's an antioxidant, which means it defends against free radicals. When used in topical natural serums and creams, vitamin C gets to work undoing sun damage, repairing patchy pigmentation, smoothing skin texture, stimulating collagen production, and lifting away dark spots to reveal a bright and gleaming complexion. Really, there is no end to this vitamin’s beauty benefits!

Ok, but what are free radicals?

To fully understand how vitamin C works, we need to get to grips with free radicals. Stemming from UV sunlight, polluted air and even stress, free radicals can wreak havoc on our skin. They can accelerate signs of ageing, damage the protective barrier, dull the skin tone, cause dark spots, and lead to an all-round lack-lustre complexion. We think you’ll agree, free radicals are not as ‘free’ or as ‘rad’ as they sound!

Thankfully, that’s where vitamin C steps in. As a powerful antioxidant, with free-radical fighting properties, vitamin C effectively helps the skin to regenerate and repair the damage done by environmental stressors. Plus, putting vitamin C in your skincare is a long term investment, as it shields from further deterioration and boosts your skin’s overall strength and resilience against pollution. 

Couldn't I just put some orange juice on my face?

No! Vitamin C is what we call an unstable ingredient, which can easily lose its magic anti-oxidative benefits if exposed to the elements and not concentrated properly. Plus, in its purest form, it can be a little acidic and irritating. That’s why our skincare scientists spent months carrying out extensive testing on our vitamin C concentrates, finally settling on glyceryl ascorbate to stabilise our formulas. This involved mixing pure vitamin C with naturally-derived sugars to wrap all of vitamin C’s benefits in a stable, long-lasting concentrate. Smart, huh?

Glyceryl ascorbate is a gentler derivative of pure vitamin C, which only converts into the real deal when absorbed. Our tests showed it’s a safe option for all skin types and is unlikely to cause any irritation, just a ‘lit from within’ glow you can rely on.

A top tip from our biochemists is to store your vitamin C products in a cool, dark place (or in the fridge) to ensure they stay fresh, stable, and effective for as long as possible!

Wow, which product should I choose to get the glow?

Choose our Glow Berry Brightening Serum, specially formulated with glossy Australian superberries and reparative kangaroo paw extract for 360-degree skin health.

In a 28-day independent clinical study, 100% of Glow Berry testers saw an average of:

65% improvement in skin brightness and evenness
30% reduction in wrinkle depth
20% reduction in the appearance of dark spots

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