How to get The Charmer makeup look with Bryony Blake

Looks don’t kill, they charm! In just a few steps, you can bring the classic bold-lips-and-eyeliner look up to date with rich, copper-toned eyes and a beautiful, sultry pout.

We worked with celebrity makeup artist, Bryony Blake, to bring you this high-impact, high-glamour makeup tutorial. Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this look with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette

The Charmer High-glamour Makeup Look 

  1. Begin by applying Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation. Build this silky, lightweight serum up to a glossy, medium coverage by buffing a first layer into your skin using the Kabuki Brush, before applying a second layer using the Pure Precision Beauty Drop Sponge

  2. Use the angled end of the 3in1 Eye Brush to fill your brows using Brow Boss Defining Powder. Switch to the spoolie end of the brush to comb the product through your brows in a gentle, upward motion. 

  3. The magnetic appeal of this look lies in the shimmering, metallic eyes! Load the fluffy end of the Eye Shadow Brush with Eyes On You Pressed Shadow in Cupuaçu and blend it all over the eyelid. Focus the product closer to the lash line to begin with, then take any excess further up into the crease and towards the brow bone. Using this technique will ensure that the bulk of the powder is concentrated on the eyelid, with just a hint of it further up.

  4. Use the same end of the brush to sweep Eyes On You in Meteor into the crease of your eyelid to create a subtly contoured effect. If you’d like to add further definition, apply a small amount of Defining Powder onto the outer end of the lower lash line using the angled end of the 3in1 Eye Brush, gently blending up into the crease.

  5. Eyes On You in Bamboo Charcoal is the perfect shade for a smudged eyeliner look without the harshness of a liquid line. Use the angled end of the 3in1 Eye Brush, starting in the middle of the lash line before working your way outwards. Lastly, line the inner corner of your lash line to join everything together.

  6. Add gentle definition by bringing Bamboo Charcoal onto your lower lash line. If you find you’ve gone a bit heavy with the application, switch to the fluffy end of the 3in1 Eye Brush to smudge the liner out. 

  7. Next, apply the Lash Extension Kit in Black. Start with a coat of Fixing Gel Mascara, before focusing the Extension Fibres on the outer lashes. Lastly, go back in with the mascara for a final coat.

  8. Now, it’s time to brighten and lift your under eye area! Use the Flat Detailing Brush to apply a small amount of Undercover Cream Concealer to your under eyes, adding a little bit above your brows for further definition. 

  9. Using the round end of the Beauty Drop Sponge, dab Blush Crush Cream Colour onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a rotating motion to push the product into your skin so that it sits perfectly above your base. 

  10. Now that you’ve applied all your cream products, set them in place with Soft Focus. Use the rounded end of the Precision Face Brush to focus the powder on your forehead, under eyes, chin and jaw, then finish with a very light dusting over the cheeks.

  11. Just like the radiant shimmer it added to your eyes, Cupuaçu can be used as a beautiful highlighter. Dip the pointed end of the Precision Face Brush into the powder and tap the excess off onto the back of your hand before sweeping it across your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the end of your nose and just above your brows. 

  12. Finally, onto the lips! Use the Small Detailing Brush to apply an even layer of Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Pomegranate Punch all over your lips. 

  13. To achieve the glossy finish that this look is all about, apply a dot of Lip Glaze in Pink Champagne to the back of your hand, then use the Small Detailing Brush to apply it over your lipstick for a subtle sheen.

Fernanda (pictured) wears Beauty Booster in Maple, Undercover in Clay, Brow Boss in Carob, Blush Crush in Coffee Cherry and Soft Focus in Dark. Connect with a local Tropic Ambassador for advice on finding your perfect shades and to order your new makeup faves today!

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