Skincare through the ages

I asked Tropic’s in-house team of experts to share their knowledge on how we can adapt our skincare routines as we grow older. 

We all know that ageing is an inevitable, natural process. It’s something that can’t be reversed, and yet many of us exhaust ourselves fretting over multiplying grey hairs or the fine lines next to our eyes. Thanks to a world where youth is a heavily-prized commodity, what we often forget is that with every wrinkle comes another experience gained, an extra smile we’ve shared or another moment of side-splitting laughter. In fact, the true art of ageing gracefully is welcoming ageing in the first place. It’s a gift many don’t get to experience and so for those of us who do, it’s a process to be grateful for. With this in mind then, our skincare routines are a way for us to connect with and adapt to our skin as it changes (whether we’re in our twenties or fifties) and to thank it for all the hard work it’s doing. 


Before we get down to business, one product that should be non-negotiable at any age is SPF! When it comes to your face, opt for factor 50 with Sun Day Facial UV Defence


Cleanser / Makeup Remover 

Whether you’re going a little heavier on the eye makeup or neglecting to cleanse after a late night, go for a nourishing, quick and easy cleanser that also doubles as a makeup remover. If you have oily skin, which many people do at this age, you might also want to add in a double cleanse that’s particularly tailored to balancing those oil levels. 


If you suffer from blemishes or regular breakouts, prebiotic actives, as featured in Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum, are your new best friend. You don’t need to use it every day, but factoring it into your weekly routine will be worth it. 


Opt for something light and hydrating with some antioxidant benefits to stand you in good stead for later years. 

MID 20s – MID 30s

Double Cleansing

Go for a richer, makeup-removing cleanser for your first cleanse, and a lighter cleanser for your second cleanse. 


Using gentle acids after cleansing will gently exfoliate your skin and encourage more product penetration. 


Opt for our Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum with multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant-rich serum with ingredients like vitamin C. 


This is budget-dependent at this stage, but a cool cucumber sensation is like a coffee for the eyes – it’ll de-puff and brighten anyone’s day.

Moisturiser / Oil 

Opt for one that suits your skin type, whether you need something lightweight, have areas of irritation or blemishes or need a radiance kick. 

LATE 30s – EARLY 40s 

Double Cleansing

Your cleansing routine doesn’t need to change too much, continue with a richer, makeup-removing cleanser for your first cleanse, and a lighter cleanser for your second cleanse. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

Your skin starts struggling to hold moisture at this age, so try and use as many hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid as possible. 


Glycolic acids and hydroxy acids are great, depending on your skin’s needs. These don’t need to be used every day, but try and use them in your weekly routine. Your skin may prefer a physical exfoliant, in which case you can switch your acids for a scrub to add brightness. 


Here you may want to consider a richer-textured moisturiser at night like Skin Dream Firming Night Cream or a good face oil, which is great for a nourishing nutrient boost. For a little added lustre, drop some Sun Drops into your chosen skin softener too!


Keep it nice and light on the eyes, gel and serum textures are ideal at this age. 


This is where antioxidants are key because they protect your skin from free radical damage when your skin barrier has started to weaken, consider vitamin C your holy grail ingredient. 


Single Cleansing  

Use a cleanser that has a rich texture and makeup-removing properties.  

Acids and Serums

Glycolic and hydroxy acids are great for more mature skin, and natural serums that replenish moisture loss and reduce pigmentation (both things that increase with age) should definitely be in your skincare arsenal.  


Opt for a richer-textured moisturiser at night with ingredients such as ceramides and bio-retinol to boost elasticity and strengthen the skin’s barrier. 


A good facial oil is great for adding radiance to a more mature complexion – treat yourself to a massage when you apply! 


The skin around our eyes gets thinner as we age, so opting for a lighter cream or balm with ingredients such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides is ideal. 

Please note, the information included in this piece is a guide and your individual skin type might need particular ingredients at different stages. 

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