How to get the Pink Muse makeup look with Bryony Blake

Try as we might, work and life commitments - not to mention that show you’ve been binge-watching - always seem to stop us from getting those eight hours of sleep that are so crucial to feeling, and looking, well rested. 

We worked with celebrity makeup artist, Bryony Blake, to pair beautiful, glowing skin with a subtle pink hue on your eyes to cheat that full-night’s-sleep look.

Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this look with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette.

  1. Buff Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation into your skin using the Kabuki Brush. This method of application will help to even out your skin tone and wake up that inner glow.

  2. Dot Illuma Light-diffusing Concealer in Latte onto your under eye area, then use the larger end of the Flat Detailing Brush to blend the product out. This will give any dark circles the boot and help you cheat the good night’s sleep look! Add to your cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose and the corners of your mouth to add brightness in these areas too.

  3. Use the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush to apply Mineral Foundation in Barely Nude, using circular motions to cover your entire face before bringing the product down onto your neck.

  4. If you want to give yourself a little added coverage under the eyes, use the larger end of the Flat Detailing Brush to pat Mineral Foundation into your skin there.

  5. Take the Powder Brush and lightly sweep Jet Set Pressed Bronzer in Bali Bronze onto your forehead, cheeks and jawline. There’s no need to create a precise contour here as it’s just about warming and lifting the skin.

  6. Add a bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed flush to your complexion by using the Powder Brush to apply Blush Crush Pressed Colour in Sunkissed Orchid, starting on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your ears. Begin with a small amount of product, building up to your desired amount.

  7. Use the spoolie end of the 3in1 Eye Brush to comb through your brows, then switch to the angled end to fill in any gaps between the hairs with Brow Boss Defining Powder in Carob.

  8. Switch to the Eye Shadow Brush and use the fluffy end to sweep Eyes On You Pressed Shadow in Aura across your whole eyelid. You’ll only need a small amount of this subtly shimmering pink to create a light wash of colour.

  9. With the fluffy end of 3in1 Eye Brush, dot Eyes On You in Chestnut into the crease of your eye, blending the product down onto the outer corner and lash line for a subtly contoured look. Using the pointed end of the Eye Shadow Brush, take Chestnut onto your lower lash line.

  10. Add a pop of highlight by applying Eyes On You in Oatmeal to the inner corner of your eye, blending the product out from there with the fluffy end of the 3in1 Eye Brush.

  11. Use Silk Gel Liner in Ebony to carefully draw your eyeliner wing. Next, work from the middle of the upper lash line using a dot-to-dot motion until you reach the wing. Finally, go back to the inner corner and draw the line from there until it’s all joined together.

  12. Gently draw the angled end of the 3in1 Eye Brush over the surface of the Silk Gel Liner point, then go over your eyeliner to tidy it up and create a crisp, solid line.

  13. Take Carob on the angled end of the 3in1 Eye Brush and gently add further definition to your lower lash line.

  14. To complete your wide-awake eye look, use the Lash Extension Kit in Black. Start off with a light coating of Fixing Gel Mascara on your upper and lower lashes, then apply the Extension Fibres to the outer section of your upper lashes for a false-lash effect. Finally, seal the fibres in place with another coat of the mascara.

  15. Aura doubles up beautifully as a highlighter, so take the rounded end of the Precision Face Brush to sweep it across the tops of your cheekbones for a subtle, pinky glow.

  16. Lastly, take Kiss Me Quick Lipstick in Lush Lychee onto the Small Detailing Brush and apply it to your lips. 

Geenay (pictured) wears Beauty Booster and Mineral Foundation in Barely Nude, Illuma in Latte, Jet Set in Bali Bronze, Blush Crush in Sunkissed Orchid and Brow Boss in Carob. Connect with a local Tropic Ambassador for advice on finding your perfect shades and to order your new makeup faves today!

Don't forget to share your look with us at #LoveTropic!

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